12 Hidden Apple Watch Features New Users Must Try!

Apple Watches are one of the most selling smart wearable gadgets in the market and is indeed the most advanced wearable for your wrist. It packs so many features that a new user might not be knowing about all of them. So today, we are sharing with you 12 hidden Apple Watch features that new users must try to have an amazing experience with the smartwatch.

Secret Hidden Features Of Apple Watch

hidden apple watch features

1. Unlocking Mac With Apple Watch

Your watch can unlock your Mac. This will let you log in quickly as you will not be required to enter a password. To connect your Mac with the watch, you need to use the same iCloud ID on both the devices.

To enable this feature on your Mac, choose system preferences, under security and privacy, you will find General, click on that. Then you will be able to Setup Apple Watch to unlock your Mac.

Unlocking Mac With Apple Watch

2. Clear Notifications

If your watch is synced with an iPhone you will get notifications on your wrist. Also, Deleting those notifications is very easy. You need to swipe down from the top of the screen. Then performing a long press will bring a pop up named Clear all. Pressing it will wipe all the notifications!

3. Taking Screenshot

Just like you take a screenshot on an iPhone, you can do the same using Apple Watch.

This feature can be enabled from the iPhone. Open Apple Watch app, then head over to General, by tapping My Watch. And toggle Enable Screenshots.

Taking Screenshot

For taking a screenshot you’ll need to press the Digital Crown and the side button at the same time. The screenshot will be saved on the Photos app on your iPhone.

4. Peaking Time

Do you want to check the time in the night but can’t take the risk of waking up your partner because of the super bright display of your smartwatch? If yes!

Then you can always twist the Digital Crown upwards that will slowly increase the brightness but will let you peak on the time without your partner getting disturbed!

5. Pause Your Running

Do you have to stop while running and feel like you will hinder your workout stats? Worry not! Your watch can take care of your unexpected stops.

For it to work you need to head over to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Click on My Watch section, tap on Workout. There you’ll see the option of toggling Running Auto Pause.

Pause Your Running

6. Stress Buster

Stress is very common among the working class as well as entrepreneurs. It has a negative effect on your health in the long term. Therefore, the built-in Breathe app will help you in limiting stress by offering you a few breathing excesses.

Stress Buster

The best part is that you can set the duration of the activities as per your liking.

7. Lost Your iPhone?

Have you lost your phone somewhere and not able to find it? if yes, you can ring your phone from your wrist! For that, you need to swipe up the screen to open the Control Center. There you will see the Ping iPhone button, tap on it.

If your iPhone was kept in silent mode while losing then tap and hold the Ping iPhone button, will start blinking the iPhone’s LED flashlight so that you can find it even in the mute state.

Pinging Phone

8. Prevent It From Ringing

To prevent your watch from rining in an inappropriate area, you can cover your smartwatch for 3 seconds to make it go silent.

For enabling this hidden feature you will need to visit Sound and Haptic settings. Under that, you will find Cover to Mute.

Prevent It From Ringing

9. Using Theater Mode

If you are in a cinema hall, always keep your watch in the Theater mode. Because in this mode the brightness is lowered so that you don’t disturb your fellow persons with your bright display.

To activate it, swipe up on the watch and tap on the icon where you’ll see two clowns.

10. Transfer Call

Do you want to continue the call you received on the watch to shift on your phone? You can do that as well. Just swipe the screen up and the call will be transferred on your iPhone.

11. Filter Notification

You can choose the notifications that you want to see on your wrist. To make changes, you need to open Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Tap on the Notifications and scroll until you see mirror iPhone alerts from and select the notifications that you want to see.

Filter Notification

12. Running Low On Battery?

Is your watch draining battery and it’s a long way home? You can always turn on Power Reserve mode to gain a little extra battery backup. To enable it, swipe up the screen to open Control Center. Click on the first settings, it will let you enable the Power Reserve mode.

Power Reserve mode

That’s all folks!

These are the 12 Hidden Apple Watch Features New Users Must Try to enhance their Apple Watch experience.

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