3 Ways to Speed Up Your Browsing in Chrome

Nothing is worse than slow internet. Thankfully, we no longer face many issues related to slow internet these days due to technological advancement. Though the speed of the internet has indeed improved a lot over the past few years, as you know there is always scope for improvement. Certain factors can influence the speed of the internet for you. In order to fight these factors and enjoy a seamless fast internet, I have some tips for you. Learn 3 Ways to Speed Up Your Browsing in Chrome.

Optimise Browser Cache

It is important to clear unwanted browser cache, to maintain browsing speed. This is because every time you visit a webpage, your browser saves a copy of the files from the webpage. These files are downloaded automatically and stored to your hard drive. The stored cache helps in loading the web pages when you use the particular site again. The problem here is that your browser stores new information on the webpage every time. This will create an extra cache in your device, ruining the speed of your browsing functions. So, now that we know it is important to optimize browser cache, let us learn how to do it on the most popular browser.

Step 1: Open your Chrome Browser and find and click on three dots at the right topmost corner.

Step 2: Find More Tools and click on it.

Step 3: Click on Clear Browsing Data and then All time to clear all cache on the device.

Step 4: Also, check the boxes near to Cookies and other Site Data and Cached Images.

Step: Then finally, clear all data and you are done.

Maintain Tab Hygiene to Speed up Browsing

It is extremely fun and convenient to have multiple tabs open and to seamlessly switch between them. Though it can be productive for you to have multiple tabs open, it can be counterproductive to the speed of your browser. The best option to prevent this hindered speed is to keep the number of tabs to the bare minimum. However, it might not always be possible to do so. Thankfully, Chrome has the perfect feature to deal with the problem of multiple tabs. The tab grouping lets you open a number of the website simultaneously with just one click. This feature is extremely useful for you if you tend to work on multiple projects. Follow the given steps in order to create Group Tabs on Chrome.

Step 1: Select a tab that is already open in your browser and Right-click on it.

Step 2: Choose Add Tab to New Group. Now you have to Select a Name and Color for the Group.

Step 3: Open as many tabs as you want, right-click on them and click on Add to Group.

Step 4: Select the Group for each of your tasks and sort the website accordingly. Now, you will be able to open multiple sites through one click.

Another way to maintain Tab Hygiene under Ways to Speed Up Your Browsing in Chrome would be by using a Tab Management extension. Such extensions can manage your sessions, snooze unused tabs and help in previewing of the tab. One great extension is The Great Suspender.

Stick to Minimalism for your Browser

It might be tempting to use multiple extensions and plug-ins. After all, they make our life easier by assisting us in different browsing services. From, skipping intros on Netflix to getting cash back on shopping sites, there is an extension for everything on Chrome. This however doesn’t imply that you need to use them all. Multiple extensions and plugins can reduce your browsing speed as well as hamper the performance of your computer. This happens because they often create bugs and deplete your system. So, to maintain your browsing speed, it might be a good idea to only keep a limited number of extensions and plug-ins handy. You can do monthly checks of the same as your requirements keep on changing. You might not need many extensions you downloaded previously.

So, here you go, these were the 3 Ways to Speed Up Your Browsing in Chrome. Though the focus of the blog was on the Chrome browser, the various tips are true for other browsers as well. That means, no matter what browser you use, it is a good idea to keep a check on extensions, tabs and cache.

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