4 Amazon Prime Benefits that You Never Knew Existed

Amazon Prime can do a lot more than giving you access to Prime video streaming and giving you priority delivery. While everyone seems to have a Prime subscription, only a few seem to make the most out of it. Thankfully, you won’t be a part of that lot by the end of this article. There are chances that you might know one or two benefits of Prime mentioned below, but there are chances that you’ll learn a lot more about features you disparaged. So, to change what seemed useless to users and learn what you didn’t know existed, let’s explore the 4 Amazon Prime Benefits that you might’ve overlooked.

1. Unlimited Photo Storage

Yes, iPhone User you read it right. You can give up your iCloud subscription and make use of the unlimited photo storage offered by Amazon Photos. While all Amazon users get 5 GB Drive space for free for all their documents, prime users get a lot more. There is no limit on the number of photos that you can store on your Amazon Photos with the help of Prime membership.t accepts photos in most formats, namely JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and even RAW formats for Nikon, Sony and Canon cameras. So, let go off subscribing to the n number of cloud storage provider and switch to the service available to you for free. Just keep in mind that Prime photos are meant for personal and non-commercial use.  This one will surely be the favourite of many among the 4 Amazon Prime Benefits that are not so mainstream.

2. Twitch Subscription for Free

If you like video games, there is a high probability that you know what bout Twitch. Although, if you are someone who heard about it for the first time right now, don’t worry. I’ll explain what Twitch is and how Prime can help you use it better. Twitch is an online live streaming platform where you can watch gaming tournaments and all important events in the video game world. That is not all, instead of watching pre-recorded games of players on YouTube you can watch them play live on Twitch. You can even download games at the Twitch platform. With the Twitch Prime subscription included with Amazon Prime, you can download commercial games for free. Also, you get to watch everything on the app without any ads and avail all benefits that a Twitch Turbo user who paid separately might have.

3. Kindle Ebook Rentals

Amazon can never leave readers behind, so after photographer, models and gamers, the next benefit is for their loyal reader. For the Amazon Prime users who also happen to have a Kindle Tablet or Kindle e-readers, borrowing books is free. Yes, you can lend books from the limitless library of Amazon at no cost with your Prime membership. Once lent you can access the book over a variety of devices on which you use Amazon and the best thing is that there is no expiration date. These books are borrowed from the Kindle User Lending Library. However, there is one downside to this amazing offer. You can only lend one book per month through your prime membership on Kindle.

4. Prime Membership Sharing

Did you know that Amazon Prime can be legally shared with other people too? Yes, Amazon facilitates Prime users to share their account with 5 other people. The five members must include one adult and four children. Just to be clear, Prime Membership sharing doesn’t mean sharing your password with other people. Though a popular practice, sharing your Amazon password is a breach of Terms of Services by Amazon. On the other hand,  Prime Membership Sharing doesn’t involve giving direct access of your account to anyone. Amazon ensures that this service is shared only among family members by ensuring that one of their address match. To share your Prime Subscription with someone you will need to invite them by filling their name, email and birthdate. An invite will be sent to them which they can only accept by knowing your birth date. This way, you’ll also find out if your family remembers your birthday.

 4 Amazon Prime Benefits that people overlook the most, but there are many more not mention here. The complete list of benefits offered by Amazon also includes the following known feature:

  • Free 1-day or same-day delivery.
  • Amazon Prime Music 
  • Prime Video 
  • Discounted Groceries and household essentials through Prime Pantry 
  • Prime Early Access for Lightning deals
  • Prime Wardrobe that lets you try and buy products.

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