4 Apps to Beat Your Fear of Public Speaking in 2021

Public speaking can be daunting for many, including me. It is not something you can gain expertise over by reading a book or watching a video, it needs practice. Well, in our busy schedules we don’t have the time to practice a skill we can ultimately avoid. Though, it is not every day that you might have to step onto a stage. There can be times when it becomes necessary for a professional or personal reason. In those times, an excuse might not come handy and you might end up making a fool out of yourself. Thankfully, technology has come to your rescue with application that will make the stage not so scary. Here are 4 Apps to Beat Your Fear of Public Speaking.

PromtSmart Pro

You can be more confident on the stage if you prepare better. PromtSmart Pro is just the right app to aid your preparation as it does it all. It prevents you from carrying cards everywhere, by saving everything on the app. If you are not a fan of long scripts, you can use notecards. This script saved on your phone gives you the freedom to use the app as a teleprompter. It also allows you to record each session so that you can assess your speech yourself. You can also share the recording (directly from the app) with friends to get their feedback. The app also makes use of voice recognition technology to help you with the annunciation. You can use the saved script in several ways, set the display and manage the data as per your choice. The app is paid for the Apple users and available for Android users for free with in-app purchases.


My personal favourite among the 4 Apps to Beat Your Fear of Public Speaking. It is an excellent app that takes care of each and every aspect of public speaking. If you are serious about your journey to be better at public speaking, a paid course on the app shouldn’t hurt. Orai offers a seven-day free trial or you can pay for any of the specialist training programs. There are other free and paid tools you can use and improve different aspects. The app will listen to your practice speeches and provide you valuable insight in terms of:

  • Pace
  • Energy 
  • Conciseness
  • Confidence 
  • Expressions

Covering every aspect of public speaking, Orai is the best among the 4 Apps to Beat Your Fear of Public Speaking.


Speaking the words correctly is as important as speaking the right words. A well-drafted speech could look like a child’s creation if the words used in the speech are not pronounced correctly. Knowing the annunciation can also boost confidence. Speakometer is just the app for improving your vocabulary and annunciation for good. It is one of the best apps in the market to improve your overall command of the language. As we already know how important is knowledge of the language for being confident while speaking it makes this app a must-have. The app has various features to help you build your vocabulary, while most of them are free, some need a subscription to be accessed. However, speakometer is certainly worth paying for to Beat Your Fear of Public Speaking. It will teach you the illusion of a set number of words and lets you perfect your speech by giving you an interactive platform to practice and record your progress.

Diction Exercises

While we at the topic of boosting your confidence by improving your command of the language, we can talk about diction. There are various activities you can perform to improve your diction, but nobody makes the effort. Thankfully, the Diction Exercises app makes the effort for you. It helps you warm your vocal cords by providing you with material to read and recite. The exercises involve interactive activities to help you work on your pace, range and overall narration skills. There are also ample tongue twisters on the app to ensure that your tongue doesn’t twist when it actually matters. You can try a different exercise every day on the Diction app and apply the skills and techniques in your everyday conversation and you will notice the difference. This app truly has the power to transform you into a charismatic speaker, provide you use it wisely. The best thing about Diction Exercises is that it is available for free on Android. 

So, here you go, dazzle the audience with 4 Apps to Beat Your Fear of Public Speaking.

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