4 Best Apps to Teach Children to Read and Write at Home

Writing and reading are the two most basic skills that are taught to a kid. Though basic they are essential in building the foundation of academics in a child. Literacy is not something that can be taken be taken lightly, especially in times like these. The pandemic has caused a lot of new kindergarteners to stay at home and learn through online classes. No matter how much we deny it, online classes are not at par with education acquired in an actual class. This can be a huge problem for kindergarteners who are just starting their academic journey. They need to learn the basic skills with perfection and spending time lounging at home won’t do that. So, to assist parents with teaching their kids how to read and write. Here are the 4 Best Apps to Teach Children to Read and Write.

Writing Wizard

A popular educational app that assists kids in learning how to write letters and numbers. It also helps them in constructing words and teaches them scribbling through a fun system. The idea behind Writing Wizard is to keep kids motivated and ecstatic so that they are attentive. Just like in kindergarten, kids who use this app are rewarded with stickers for completing a task. They also get to play games once they complete an exercise. 

Monitoring by parents and teachers can be done efficiently while using Writing Wizard. It allows them to customize the app according to their kids’ needs by adding words and exercises of choice. They also get a detailed report on their child’s or students performance. You can also make use of a similar app called Cursive Writing Wizard to teach your kid how to write in cursive. Both of these apps are available on Android as well as on iOS phones.


Letterchool is an app that teaches a child how to write by using colourful animations. It focuses on tracing to help the user acquire writing skills, making sure the handwriting is also decent. The app teaches a child how to write alphabets in lower and upper case as well as numbers. It focuses on enhancing the child’s motor skills and coordination, ensuring proper literary and overall development. LetterSchool does all of this in a fun and unique manner so that the child doesn’t lose interest. Cartoon animations make letters more interesting and serve as a reward once the kid finishes writing a letter. There are also games and other activity tools on the app to keep the kids entertained. This app is available for free for Android and Apple users.


HOMER unlike the two apps mentioned above, is not entirely focused on developing writing skills. It is a learning app that uses videos and activities to help the child develop reading comprehension skills. It also focuses on making the user more creative, social and helps them develop their thinking process. HOMER aids the kid to develop important skills for life and is thus an important mention among the 4 Best Apps to Teach Children to Read and Write. It teaches children to read interactively by using animation and cartoons. The interface is kid-friendly which eliminates the need for supervision by parents. It is available for free on iOS and Android but you have to go for a subscription after the free trial period.


This app is as unique as its name and will make your kid enjoy the learning process. ABCMouse makes use of adventure series to teach kids various skills. It focuses on developing a child’s reading and writing skills, creativity and even mathematical skills. Every aspect is taught to the kid in the form of a fun activity to keep the kid engaged. The language part of the app focuses not only on reading and writing but the correct use of language. It helps the child develop the sense of phonetics, pronunciation and a bit of grammar so that they use the language in everyday life. All of this happens gradually by learning letters first and reading paragraphs later. There are 450 books available on the app to help the users practice their reading skills. Just like HOMER, it is available for free on iOS and Android but you have to go for a subscription after the free trial period.

I hope that this list of the 4 Best Apps to Teach Children to Read and Write makes your and your child’s life easier. 

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