4 Best Password Managers to Make Use of in 2021

Are you someone who can’t keep track of all the passwords you have? Do you end up getting confused about the passwords and have to reset them every time? This is sounding like an ad, but all I want to say is the same. I struggle a lot with my passwords, as I try to be innovative with them. Though, I always end up forgetting my innovation. Thankfully, technology comes to my rescue here by managing my passwords for me so that I don’t have to. There are ample password managers available in the market that will do this job for you. Selecting an ideal password manager can be tricky when you are new to the scenario. There are various factors to consider before you chose a password manager, the most important one being safety. So, here are the 4 Best Password Managers to Make Use of in 2021.


An open-source password manager which runs on almost every device and browsers. A highly compatible password manager with apps available on all major software stores. Bitwarden can be used for no cost with an option to self-host. The premium accounts with additional features come at a low cost of  $1/month. While a family pack of 6 costs merely $3.33/month. The good thing is that even the free version can store an unlimited number of passwords for you. It allows you to sync your data across devices. Syncing is highly valuable as you can use the software is almost all your devices with extensions available for every popular browser and app on Playstore as well as Appstore. When it comes to the safety factor, Bitwarden makes use of two-factor authentication, strict zero-knowledge policy and uses E2EE on your password and files making it one of the 4 Best Password Managers.


The most popular among the 4 Best Password Manager is LastPass. The software is available for free for users, but with limited functionalities. To avail, unlimited features users can upgrade to the premium versions starting at $3 for a month. Just like Bitwarden, the free version of Lastpass supports unlimited passwords but unlike the former, the sync here is limited to a single device type. Lastpass is available for free download on Playstore and Appstore and compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux. The web extension is available for all popular browsers. The safety for any version of the software is top-notch with E2EE to encrypt passwords and other data. It has a zero-knowledge policy which simply means that it doesn’t track your personal information as Facebook does.


Before moving forward, just wanna tell you that the app doesn’t have a free version. So, if you are not willing to pay you can skip this premium only password manager that has packs starting at $2.99 a month. Other than giving you space to store unlimited password, 1Password also offers a GB worth of online storage. The app for the platform is available for iOS and Android users and almost all desktop users can download the app. The browser extension is however limited to Chrome, Firefox, Ege and Brave. Safety is not an issue with 1 Password as it makes use of AES-256 bit encryption, 2FA and also has a GDPR-friendly privacy policy. A special feature of this password manager is that it supports password sharing with contacts. Other special mentions involve cross-device syncing, user-friendly interface and tutorials.

True Key

If you use McAfee’s family of security-oriented tools, then you must have heard of True Key. It is a part of the McAfee family and lets you save 15 passwords for free, anything more can be availed by subscribing at $19.99 per year. The app for the same is available on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. While the browser extension is available for all popular browsers. However, the cross syncing is limited with the type of OS you are using. For safety, Truekey makes use of AES-256 bit encryption, MFA and other login protections to ensure additional security. You can make use of the trusted device feature to ensure that your data is not accessed by anyone but you.

So, these are the 4 Best Password Managers to Make Use of in 2021. To ease your selection process, use a simple method. Check if the software is compatible with all your devices, affordable for you, can store as much data as you want and most importantly is easy to use for you.

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