4 LinkedIn Mistakes that can Drift You Away from your Dream Job

LinkedIn is an important tool for maintaining professional connections and creating new ones. Its importance has further been amplified over the past year. With so many people losing their jobs due to the pandemic, LinkedIn provided them with a platform to look for a new one. Despite knowing that LinkedIn has the power to change lives, not many people use it wisely. Merely creating a Resume to apply to new jobs isn’t enough, there are other aspects to LinkedIn that you must focus on. Many common mistakes may prevent you from landing your dream job, let us explore the 4 LinkedIn Mistakes that you must avoid.

1. Not focusing on Your Headline

Your Headline is the first thing that people see as soon as they find you. For most people, the headline is their current designation without any context. This is not the way your headline should work as your designation isn’t enough to define and to convince potential employers. If you have applied for a job, you would want your employer to know your entire skill set in one instance. This is where you can use your headline to craft a compelling introduction for yourself. Think of the Headline as your elevator pitch and do it right. To change your headline, follow the given steps:

  1. Click on the Pencil icon and find an empty editable space called Headline under your name.
  2. Make the required edits and click on save.

2. Not Creating and Contributing

At the end of the day, LinkedIn is a social media site. So, the biggest LinkedIn Mistake you can make is to not treat it like one. By this, I don’t mean that you share things like you are feeling sad with your LinkedIn contact. The trick is to be active on meaningful content, if you find someone’s update helpful don’t forget to comment on it. Such comments not only increase your visibility to your connections and other users but also showcases that you care. You need to let people know that you are on Linkedin to foster business relationships and not only to find a job. Another thing to do is create your own post on regular basis to keep your connections hooked. If you wish to go an extra mile, you could try your hand at writing articles on Linkedin. 

3. Not having an About Section

Every section present on your Linkedin profile is there for a reason and you shouldn’t shy away from filling them all. Followed by your headline is the about section, which gives you a bigger canvas to portray yourself. With the flexibility of being able to write more words, this section can be and has to be used to elaborate your headline. Think of it as a summary of your entire resume and try to give in as much information as you can in an elegant way. One thing you should never do is copy-pasting your headline to your About section. They are separate for a reason and you need to make the best of them individually. To change your about section, tap the same pencil icon and click on Summary Box to make the edit.

4. Don’t Undersell or Pretend

If you are someone who shies away from talking about your achievements, it is time for a change. Every professional landmark of yours deserves a place on your Linkedin page. Not talking about them is the biggest among 4 LinkedIn Mistakes that you can make. So, learn to flaunt your professional achievements on LinkedIn without any guilt. Your connections are more than interested in your glory and as long as you aren’t just bragging they will appreciate you. 

Another mistake you can make is trying to be too careful in the media. Sharing things that don’t mean anything to you just for the sake of looking good doesn’t make a good impression on anyone. Employers always look for passionate employees and not another part of the herd. Hence, make sure that you don’t compromise on your beliefs just to sound politically correct on the site. Instead, stick to who you are and share things you truly believe in.

Apart from these top 4 LinkedIn Mistakes that can hinder your chances of getting hired, inadequate and un-updated information can also be a problem. So, along with these strict nos, make sure that your experience, skills, certificates are up to date and informative. With all of this knowledge, you are good to go.

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