5 Apps to Use During Pregnancy for Android Users

Human birth is often described as the most beautiful phenomenon on the planet, but it could be equally as painful for the mother. Not only during the birth but even the 9 months of pregnancy are also very hard for the mother. Traditionally, women during their pregnancies used to rely upon parental advice and books to get them through. With families getting shorter and woking during pregnancy getting normal, the traditional methods seem not so convenient. However, technology has come to the rescue of all of the human existence yet again. There are plenty of apps that can help you before childbirth, so I will highlight the 5 Apps to use during Pregnancy.

Pregnancy Week by Week

An app that lets you know more and more about your body with every passing week of your pregnancy. You will get an update on your uterus and your babies growth every week, along with comparative data. Along with this, the app will give you daily updates about your baby. This will help you stay sane, by not constantly worrying about what’s going on with the baby. 

Pregnancy Week by Week keeps track of the baby’s dimensions from the very first trimester. It even notes important landmarks, like when your baby turned from an embryo to a fetus. Other noteworthy features of this app are a contraction tracker and a weight tracker.

Pregnancy +

A star among the 5 Apps to use during Pregnancy, is the Pregnancy+ App. The app has a calendar for you, which is filled with daily tips and tricks for you to take better care of yourself during the entire pregnancy. It is also loaded with facts that answers almost all the blurry questions you might have during your pregnancy. It can guide you in what to do and what not to do, in order to keep you and the baby safe. The app will track your pregnancy, and share updates on the same with you regularly. I suggest you share your due date with the app before you start tracking your pregnancy with it. Pregnancy+ can also act as a planner and calendar for all your doctor appointments and birth plans.


Another great way to track your pregnancy is by using the Glow App. It makes sure that your pregnancy s as convenient as possible by not just tracking it. But also, providing solid information on your current stage of pregnancy on a regular basis through the ‘Scoop of the Day section. The coolest thing about the app is that it lets you be a part of a pregnancy community. Where you can meet mothers and expecting mothers and share your experiences and seek advice. You can personalise the community section to be a part of only the things you are interested in.


While all of the above-mentioned apps offered mostly identical features. This one is a little different. YogiBirth app is designed to help women practise yoga during pregnancy. It offers a number of classes, related to the specific needs of expecting mothers. You can take these classes free of cost and they are not limited to pregnancy. You will also find classes and tips to follow for the post-birth period. To keep you calm during the pregnancy, YogiBirth also offers meditation classes. That is not all, you will also find educational videos to guide you through. They cover a wide range of topics, and you will find experts answering all your doubts. This app is a one-stop solution to keep your body and mind healthy during pregnancy.

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Another great pregnancy tracker on the list is Ovia. This differs from other apps as it is equally concerned about the mother’s health as the child. The features on this app take care of the mother, by tracking her weight, sending reminders to take vitamins, taking updates in case of health conditions. Apart from taking care of your health throughout the pregnancy, it also provides you with a huge number of reading material on taking care of your health. It also has a health feature, that provides advice based on your answers to a few questions. Also, there is a community feature too, ensuring that you never feel alone in this.

So, these were 5 Apps to use during Pregnancy that will make your life a little easier. 

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