5 Best Android apps to Sideload on Your TV

Smart TVs are the newest necessity for every tech friendly household. With the popularity of OTT platform booming this year due to the pandemic. Smart TVs will likely become a necessity soon. It has been well established by experts that Android is the best and most preferred Operating System for Smart TVs. Sadly, even the things at the top have some flaws and Android for TV is no exception. One of the major flaws of the Android OS in this context is the limited size of Playstore. Which means you do not have a huge variety of apps on the Playstore of your Smart TV that you do on your phone. To deal with the limitation of the limited apps, sideloading apps is the best option. Let us find out 5 Best Android apps to sideload on your TV.

1. Aptoide

So what if you cannot have all the apps you want on Playstore. You can sideload another app on your Android-powered TV to download all the apps you want. Considered one of the best Playstore alternatives, Aptoide is the place to download the apps and games you need.  On Aptoid TV you will find a huge variety of apps for your smart TV that are not available otherwise. The app has a unique feature, where each user maintains their own store. As unlike Playstore, it doesn’t have a centralised store. The open-source app is one of the best Android apps to sideload on your TV.

2. Amazon Appstore

Aptoide isn’t the only way to download more apps on your Smart TV operating on Android. The world’s biggest eCommerce site has a marketplace of its own. The biggest advantage of Amazon Appstore is that the app provides a ton of free content to the users. The availability of more free apps than Aptoide makes it a preferred choice among the two. You can sideload the Amazon Store on your TV through APK file and use it to download more apps on your Smart TV.

3. Chrome

The most popular operating system is not that popular after all. Otherwise, Android would have made it available on their play store for Smart TV. The unavailability of your favourite browser doesn’t mean that you need to compromise. You can sideload the Chrome app on your Android-powered Smart TV through APK files and make the most out of it. The interface of the app will remain the same on the TV app, allowing you to import your history and bookmarks. Having an efficient browser makes the overall experience of a smart TV better, hence it is among best Android apps to sideload on your TV.


The Playstore on a Smart TV backed by Android has no app to help you download Youtube videos. Thankfully, an APK version of free Youtube Video Downloading app will come handy to you. If you didn’t know it already, TubeMate is an app that lets you download any video on Youtube. Though, it doesn’t have much use in Smart TVs some users might prefer to download their YouTube videos for a seamless experience. If you are one such user that downloading TubeMate is an absolute no brainer.

5. APK Mirror

There has been a lot of talk of Apk files in the text above. However, none of where you can actually download these APK files from. Thankfully, we have got it covered here along with another must-have app for your Smart TV. You can download any of the above-mentioned apps on your computer through this online platform called Apk mirror. This however will require you to transfer your files from one device to another. You can say goodbye to this additional step by downloading an app of the same platform. Sideload the APK mirror app on your Smart TV backed by android and make sideloading any app an absolute piece of cake. 

You can sideload many other games and apps through APK files, just make sure to sideload the above Best Android apps to sideload on your TV first. Also, ensure that you only download APK files from trustworthy sites like APK Mirror, APK Pure and Appbrain. Otherwise, you’ll put your devices at risk. Another thing you need to make sure of before sideloading is to check the Playstore. Android TV play store is adding new apps to the marketplace every day. So, check the availability on the default app before jumping to other ways.

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