5 Best Anime Websites to Watch the Best Anime Shows Online in India

If you have not been living under a rock for the year, you might have realised that the world is going gaga over Anime. It’s true for a fact that the pandemic has not only been fruitful for mainstream Netflix series but Korean Drama and Animes too. The excessive amount of time in people’s hand has finally made them realise that Anime is not just another cartoon series. If you find yourself among the people who are loving Anime these days or wanna try it now that everyone is watching it. I’ll tell you exactly where you can find all the Animes you wish to watch. Here are the 5 Best Anime Websites to watch the best anime shows online.


This website is a gold mine for any anime lover in the country. You can watch a wide variety of anime series on this platform free of cost, with advertisements along the way of course. However, you can get rid of these ads by getting a paid subscription. The platform has apps available for Android as well as iOS users. Shows on this platform are always up to date with the latest ones in Japan and most of the content has English subbed. With the largest collection of anime, Crunchyroll must be your top pick among 5 Best Anime Websites.


On the second position lies the site which could have been almost as good as the first. Let us learn why Funimation fails to be on the number one spot. The only reason is that you will have to make use of VPN to watch anime on Funimation. Other than that, the site matches up to Crunchyroll in most ways. Like the preceding site, it also offers users with options among advertisement and paid subscription. It has a wide variety of anime and even shares a part of the library with Crunchyroll. However, the best thing about this site remains to be the fact that you can find most shows dubbed in English here, a relief if you are not a subtitled person.

Retro Crush 

If you want something more than anime of recent times, then Retro Crush is your best option. The free platform makes available all the popular Animes from the 80s. Most users claim that the shows are far better than the ones in 2020. Hence, trying this is worth a shot as anyway, the platform is free. So, even if you don’t vibe with shows from the 80s at least your money is safe. On the contrary, if you plan on falling in love with it, let me give you a little information. Retro Crush makes use of VPN to run.

Muse Asia

This one is not a website, but a goldmine if you don’t want another site in your bookmarks or if VPn is not your thing. Muse Asia is actually a Youtube channel that lets you watch more than 50+ anime shows. You already know the best thing about this one, it is on Youtube. Which means not only are you already used to the interface, you are used to the ads too. Muse Asia started in 2019 and is undoubtedly the best among the Youtube channels offering Anime. Though the collection might be enough for many, if you want a lot more you can find similar youtube channels. 


You might be extremely surprised to find Netflix on the list. Though it might seem unusual, it makes sense when you consider the popularity of the app. Netflix is among the most popular streaming services in most countries, so it is no surprise that they include the popular animes into their database. You might already be aware of the fact that Netflix is not free, but if you already have a subscription then you are in luck. The OOT platform has some of the best animes there are to offer, but unlike others on the list the number of shows is not that long. Still, due to the interface, accessibility and popularity of Netflix, it became one of the 5 Best Anime Websites to watch animes in India now. So, without switching or going for VPN you can quench your thirst for anime on Netflix.

Other OTT platforms are also getting into the league of Anime. Amazon Prime has recently added some popular animes to its list. So, now that you know where to find anime, what are you waiting for? Go, watch!

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