5 Best Canva Alternatives that You Must Try

There was a time when every brand needed a graphic designer to make it to the world of social media. This resulted in the big brands ruling the social media while the small brands relied on traditional methods of marketing. Thankfully, this changed with the evolution of smartphones. Apps made it possible for everyone to do a little graphic design through their phones. One platform the ruled the graphic designing segment is Canva. With its user-friendly interface, easy to use templates and thousands of templates, Canva became the preferred platform for many to design anything and everything. However, if you have gotten bored of Canva, want some new aesthetics or wanna diversify your design. Here are The 5 Best Canva Alternatives that You Must Try.


Stencil is said to be the graphic designer made to cater to your social media needs. It is a great tool to create images with quotes, this is because of the wide variety of font tools on the website. Another reason for the same is that Stencil has its own library of quotes. This means you don’t have to google for Monday Motivation quotes while creating a Monday post for your social media account. You can create stunning posts and graphics using this website. Stencil offers 10 free image creation per month, but you can upgrade to Stencil Pro at 9$ or Stencil Unlimited at 12$ a month and make the most out of what the website has to offer.

Adobe Spark

I am gonna quote myself and say “How can you talk about creativity app without mentioning Adobe”. The tech giant has a platform that makes it to The 5 Best Canva Alternatives. Adobe Spark is an extremely versatile platform, it is a toolkit on its own. You can sync your projects across iPad and iPhone using Adobe Spark. It has a large portfolio of visual design and graphics for all your requirements. There is a different platform dedicated to Spark Video, Spark Post and Spark Page etc. The basic plan for Spark is free, however at 9.99$ a month you can make use of additional features by buying Adobe Individual Plan. There’s also an Adobe Team plan available at just 9.99$ a month.


The most love among The 5 Best Canva Alternatives is Easil, which is a drag and drop graphic design tool kit. This means that you just need to drag and drop elements on your creation to make a stunning graphic. Easil has a user-friendly interface that can be used to create banners, posters, infographics, GIFs and even printables. There are millions of stock images available on the platform to get you started. Most of the features are available for free on the platform. Making use of the paid feature isn’t much expensive either, as Easil Pro is available at 7.50$ a month while Easil Edge is 59$ a month.


If you are looking for a medium to create professional graphics like charts, repots, infographic etc then Piktochart is the one for you. It works efficiently in converting a huge amount of data to stunning graphical representations. The professional tools include templated specifically for different departments like marketing, finance, healthcare and many more. Piktochart is a great tool for designing quality graphics that can serve the various purpose. You can access most of the features with the Basic Plan which is free of cost. To get additional images and templates you can upgrade to Piktochart Pro at 29$ a month and 199$ per year for Organisations. There is also a special pack for Educators available for $39.99 a year.


Another great platform to create professional graphics is Visme. It can be used to create stunning infographics, charts, slides, presentation graphs and a lot more. There are thousands of templates available on the platform to make your life easier while creating. There are special tools available on the site, which lets you add interactive content and data widgets to help you give your work that extra spark. It is a no brainer to make use of Visme if you are looking to create graphics for professional purpose. As apart from creation tools, there are learning tools available on the platform too. You can improve your graphic skills by taking video tutorials and even online courses on the site. You will also be updated on the various webinars taken on the platform by experts. Unlike all the other players, everything on Visme is free.

Have you found your match in The 5 Best Canva Alternatives that You Must Try?

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