5 Best Health Apps for a Healthy Lifestyle for Everyone in 2021

Times have changed, but the only thing that has remained constant is the need for a healthy lifestyle. Various factors contribute to an individual’s health, but the major contributor is the lifestyle that the person follows. Though everyone knows the importance of a healthy lifestyle, not everyone is able to accommodate healthy lifestyle practices into their routine. They are not at fault, it is hard to maintain your lifestyle in the age of technology, home deliveries, long working hours and sleepless. Although, technology always tries to compensate for the things that it is somehow responsible for and health is no exception. You can maintain a healthy lifestyle using your phone. Find the list of the 5 Best Health Apps for a Healthy Lifestyle.

My FintessPal App

A healthcare app that can help you eat healthily and exercise right. It lets you import recipes from an online platform, track nutrition, calculate your calories, track water intake and a lot more to make your consumption healthy. It can scan millions of food items and will guide you onto the exact food product to use. You can set goals with the apps recommendation, and it will assist you in your entire journey to attain that goal. My FitnessPall not only takes care of your food but also suggests and tracks your workouts. Yoga suggestion is another loved feature of this app. It is available for free on both Android and iOS phones and also syncs with Apple’s Health Kit.

Sleep Cycle

A major factor of a Healthy lifestyle is quality sleep and the Sleep cycle app helps you with just that. It tracks the sleep of the user using a smart alarm clock. It is a highly advanced app that is capable of tracking the quality of your sleep and also your heart rate. The app tracks your sleeping pattern each day to help you with a better night sleep the next day. The best feature of the app is the feature that wakes the user up during their light sleep phase. If you didn’t know it already, waking up during the light sleep phase is easier as compared to other phases and it helps you be more energetic in the morning. It is available for both Android and Apple users.

Happify App

Happify is a well-renowned meditation app that can help your mental health in several ways. The app is developed by experts in the field of Psychology and Health care and is hence a reliable source for initiating your healthcare journey. It can help you with your anxiety and other forms of stress disorders through games and science-based activities. The overall motive of the app is to improve your mental wellbeing, hence along with mediation and yoga it also uses weight training to deal with your negative thoughts. Happify can improve your overall health and claims to reduce the chances of heart ailments, diabetes and even cancer.

Nudge App

The list of the  5 Best Health Apps for a Healthy Lifestyle couldn’t be complete without the Nudge App. This is because no amount of technology can motivate us as compared to a single human being. This app helps you find that single human, in the form of coaches. These coaches are Personal trainers and athletes that will help you achieve your fitness goal. They will guide you to improve your lifestyle by suggesting food changes, nutrition intake, exercising, yoga, weight training and much more. The app integrates with health bands like Fitbit and health apps like Garmin and Withings to provide accurate information about your health to your coach. 


If you are looking for an app entirely dedicated to exercising then FIIT is the app for you. This health app guides you through weight training, yoga, gym training and a lot more. With the help of FIIt, you can achieve your fitness goal whether it is core strength, flexibility or a better shape. The best thing about this app is that it lets you compete with your friends. As we all know that nothing motivates a person more than the competition, this app could do wonder for you. The FIIT app helps you keep track of your health with detailed stats and is compatible with almost every popular health tracking device.

I hope that this list of the 5 Best Health Apps for a Healthy Lifestyle help you in your journey towards a better life.

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