5 best Meditation Apps in 2020 for Apple and Android

Working hard is essential to lead a comfortable life, but so is taking breaks. In our daily lives, we do to much and whatever spare time we get, we spent it on our phone scrolling through social media. Though, social media is not entirely bad it is not the ideal option to spend all your latent time and energy. You might now think, that I will point you towards the number of productive things you can do on your phone. Not today, I will not as everyone including me and you need to learn the importance of taking a break. Thankfully, technology assists us in taking a break as well. Various apps can help you take a time off and meditate. Here are the 5 best meditation apps in 2020.

Insight Timer – Meditation App

Insight timer has more free meditation than any other app in the market. You can browse through thousands of free guided meditations and find a new spiritual guru every day. Guided mediation is not the only thing that this versatile meditation app has to offer. You can browse through calming music,  ambient sounds and basic timers to help you meditate on your own. This is not all, you can also have discussions regarding mindfulness with people from all across the world. The app is a virtual meditation community. With most of its features being free it is the first among the 5 best meditation apps in 2020.


If you like a clean app that is easy to use then headspace is the app for you. It has a simple interface that does not bombard you with information. On headspace, you can choose a guided meditation session according to your choice and practice. It allows you to find meditation catering to your specific problems like anxiety, insomnia etc. Also, headspace enables you to learn various meditation methods. The only downside to the app is that it doesn’t offer much for free. Only a few of the guided meditations are available to non-subscribers while everything else is reserved for subscribers.


Calm has the most amazing interface among the 5 best meditation apps in 2020. As soon as you open the app, you feel like you are transported into another world. Unlike headspace, the prime focus of calm isn’t just an ancient form of meditation. Calm allows users to learn a lot of other mindfulness techniques. Calm also has sleep stories for people suffering from lack of quality sleep. The mediation app has a lot more to offer, but sadly it comes at a cost. Most of the features on the app are locked for subscribers.

The Mindfulness App

One of the highest-rated mediation apps on Playstore as well as Appstore. The Mindfulness App is great for beginners as it teaches mediation from the grass-root level. It has a five day guided meditation to introduce users to mindfulness. You can customise your mediation session on this app, decide what you want to hear during your practice and whatnot. The time can also be chosen according to the convenience of the practitioner, it ranges from 3 minutes to 30 minutes. The content on this app is updated regularly and you can make the most out of the app even if you are not a subscriber. In the paid subscription plan you can even save your mediations for offline use.

MyLife formerly know as Stop, Breathe & Think

The app started as a non-profit organisation to help teenagers with their daily struggle. Later on, it went on to become an award-winning mediation and mindfulness app catering to people of all age segment. It does more for users than teach them how to meditate, MyLife allows you to get in touch with your feelings. The app helps you develop peace and develop compassion by keeping a track of your feelings.  The app claims to have reduced anxiety among 82% of its users. It teaches you mindfulness, breathing exercises, keeps track of your mood and helps you sleep better. The app is a perfect blend of versatility and simplicity making its way to the  5 best meditation apps in 2020.

Hope you find your inner peace through one of these mediation apps. As they say, a good mediation adds more time to your day. So, don’t worry about wasting your time while mediating and dive right in.

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