5 best TikTok Alternatives for Indians to Download in 2020

Tiktok was the most installed app in India until it was scrapped by the Indian government. Just because one app is out of the picture, doesn’t mean we have to compromise on the entertainment. There are ample apps like TikTok available in the Indian market that can easily quench your thirst for swiping vertical videos. The engagement strategy of occupying the entire screen in order to provide an optimum experience to users has been around for a long. I will be acquainting you with all the apps with the same interface as the Tiktok, by providing you the 5 best TikTok alternatives to download right now.

1. Triller

You might have heard the name of the Triller app already, as most of the Indian Tiktok start switched to this platform post the end of Tiktok. The app might be new for Indian users but is older than Tiktok. Triller is the leading social networking app in many countries and has been in the market since 2015. The app features countless short videos that can be viewed in the vertical format just like Tiktok. The app has an easy yet resourceful interface for creators as well as viewers. With more than a million songs in the Library, Triller becomes the most recommended among the 5 best TikTok alternatives. Another exciting thing is that the app features not just Indian celebs, but Global celebrities as well. Justin Bieber, Rita Ora, and others won’t let you miss Tiktok.

2. Instagram Reels

Instagram truly has started offering the best of all worlds with its reel update. The best thing about Instagram Reels is that you won’t need another social media app on your phone. You can spend hours watching short vertical videos in the Instagram app by clicking the reel option. Just like TikTok, reels also provide you a huge number of tools to edit your videos into masterpieces. You can also access the millions of Instagram story filters for your reels. The reason why it stands out among the 5 best TikTok alternatives is that everyone is already on Instagram, so you will rarely not find the star you love.

3. Moj by Sharechat

Moj is the next big thing for Indians after Tiktok. After the fall of Tiktok, the Moj app made use of the incredible opportunity by hiring famous Tiktokers. So, the USP of this video steaming social media app would be the huge number of local craters on the app. Just like any other alternatives of TikTok, Moj offers the user with a lot of tools to create stunning and engaging short videos. The app is available for both Android and Ios users.

4. Roposo

Roposo has been a part of the Indian social networking market for quite some time. But, it was the Tiktok ban that really paved the way for mass engagement on this app. Roposo has all the tools you need to create entertaining videos for your audience. The interface of the app closely resembles Instagram, as the UI has sections like Home, Explore, Profile, Notifications, and of course an option to add new videos. Roposo is an easy to use app with all the major tools and an increasing audience base.

5. Trell

A lifestyle app that is getting all the buzz for the past couple of months. It is an easy to use app where you follow creators to view their content and explore endless videos that you may like. Trell has an option for regional languages, making it extremely easy for users to find content in their preferred language. The app has lesser video editing tools than others in the list, but still, it made it to the list because of its supplementary features. Along with videos, you can also create and share blogs or the versatile app. If content creation and consumption isn’t enough to appreciate the app, Trell also offers an online store for its users to shop from. If you are looking for a whole lot more than just videos, then this is your app.

I hope you got the answers to which among the 5 best TikTok alternatives are ideal for you. If you haven’t and you only appreciate content from foreign countries you could go for popular apps like Fuminate and Byte. These apps are not particularly popular in India but have a huge amount of content from other countries.

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