5 Must-Have Android Apps for 2020

The digitization of most of the amenities of society was a breakaway from the traditional livelihood of the masses.

Everyday indulgence in mobile applications stands common for most of us, but the best of the bunch are queued below.

  1. AirDroid

 This file transfer and screen mirroring application for android is a revolutionary statement between its parallel competitors. It makes your android devices accessible through Windows, Mac & Linux, wirelessly. The highlight of this free service is that it can work remotely without rooting to the device. You can receive, reply and send messages, and manage your phone calls via AirDroid PC desktop client and Web AirDroid. From secure screen sharing to locating your lost phone, it is abundant of such features. The struggle for storage space can be overcome by the back-up feature of the same. Latest update of the app added a new feature, i.e. one-way audio, allowing you to hear all the surrounding sounds from your remote device.

  1. Adobe Scan

This free document scanning app by Adobe is the best alternative for its banned Chinese counterpart. Integrated OCR technology add-on to its advantages. This advanced image technology automatically recognizes printed text and handwriting, and also sharpen the scanned content. The PDF files, as well as photos, can be edited and previewed with added features like reordering, cropping, rotating and adjusting colours. You can also remove blemishes from the scanned files. It is also used as a business card scanner where it can extract the contact details from the scanned cards so that you can easily add it to your device contacts. 

  1. FTTT

Also known as ‘If This Then That’, IFTTT is a freeware android application that acts as a link between multiple apps like twitter, Instagram, Google drive, weather, Dropbox and devices such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and your android device. It triggers events based on your current location and previous searches. For example, alike on a post of Instagram can act as a trigger and send the photo to your dropbox account as it’s action. It is also an interconnection between several social networks. From as simple as daily forecast notifications to advanced features like automated home security alerts, IFTTT provides you with an abundance of such functionalities. 

  1. Google Drive

We all have struggled at least once while sharing a larger file remotely. Google drive presents you a savior with the feature to make your files accessible to whoever you want to for downloading the required documents. This cloud storage application provides 15 GB to every android user for free and further, and extra storage can be bought. You can set access levels for the viewers and search for files by name and content, making it user friendly.

  1. Bouncer

Launched in 2018, this security application is one of the simplest answers to our negligence towards our device’s information. Bouncer grants one-time permission to the applications so that those apps do not get permanent access to your privacy without probing into your settings every time. It is available at $0.99 on Play Store for Android devices. 

These crème de la crème of Play Store has become a must for every android user with the advancement in technology, whether it is for privacy concerns or going head to head with digitization.

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