5 Open Access Journal Sites that You Can Acess for No Cost

Scholarly Journals are the saviour of every student. Crafted by experts in their respective fields, these journals are available to students for referral in digital or physical form. Technology has made it even easier for students to access these journals as most Scholarly Journals are available offline. However, due to Intellectual Property Laws, the journals are not available to the students free of cost. Thankfully, many NGOs have realised that students have limited funds which makes it difficult for them to access Scholarly Journal. This is where the Open Access Journal comes into the picture. Open Access Journal provides students with Scholarly Journals free of cost, let us learn about 5 Open Access Journal sites.

Sage Open

Sage is a well-known website for scholarly data and it is one of the most reliable Journal Publishers. The Sage Open segment of the website that is available for students to refer to completely free of cost. Not only students but researchers and the general public can also make use of the journal without paying a penny. The website promises to publish studies that adhere to rigorous peer review standards, ensuring the reliability of the journals. Also, as a result of the pandemic, the open-source website has made a lot of other material related to COVID 19 free for everyone.


Elsevier has been known to be of prime importance to the scientific community for 140 years. Over time it has proven to be a highly reliable source for accessing information. Elsevier has an Open Access Journal on every area of science. It has the largest collection of journals when it comes to science and medicine. The website has diverse data from all around the world, as journals from other languages are translated and published on this Open source website. The website has a smooth interface that is designed for the use of people of all ages. One thing to keep in mind while looking for journals of Elsevier is that journals marked as gold open access are free while the ones marked as green open access come with a subscription.

BioMed Central

If you are someone looking for scholarly articles on medicine or biology in general, then look no further. BioMed has all the articles that you might need on Biology and it has been in the market since 1999. An old player in the game of open access journal, the site is owned by the much renowned Springer Nature. The resources on BMC are highly reliable and as it is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics, UK. The latter eliminates any minute chance of the site providing you with any invalid information.


Another brainchild of Springer Nature, SpringerOpen makes up for BioMed’s limited scope. Unlike BMC, this site has scholarly journals on all fields and not just Biology. SpringerOpen entered the world of Open Access Journal sites in 2010, with journals on Humanities, Technology, Social Science and other fields of Science. The open-source platform invites professionals from all fields to contribute matters to the website. The platform is not only reliable but efficient as well, this is because it helps you find journals even when you don’t know what you are looking for. This means, if you are unsure of which journal you should refer to for the task at hand, you can use the Journal Suggester feature on the site. This is not all, in addition to journals SpringOpen also has a blog. The blog on the site lets you in on interviews of experts and other insights on different fields.

Directory of Open Access Journal (DOAJ)

If you are struggling with every other Open Access Journal Source on the list, you must give DOAJ a shot. Directory of Open Access Journal works like a search engine for students. It allows them to discover more than 15000+ open access journals in every field. Yes, you read it right, there is no restriction on the disciplines you can find on DOAJ. Think of it as an alternative to Google Scholar, yes it is that good. With DOAJ you not only find what you are looking for but an immense amount of related information too. 

All of the above Directory of Open Access Journal are highly recommended, so now the choice is upto you. You can try and find which website works best for you and your discipline and start studying. 

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