5 Reasons Behind The Slow Performance of Your iPhone

iPhone is a rather fast device, famous for its high level of performance. Most iPhone users define their experience with their phones to be extremely smooth. But, even the best of things are bound to have problems and iPhone is no exception. The reliable device can sometimes slow down and this can be discomforting for you. If you are like me and rely on your iPhone for almost everything, slow performance of the same can be a terrible thought for you. This however doesn’t mean that you have to fetch the latest version of the device every time it slows down. There are other ways in which you can fix its slow performance. Let us learn about the 5 Reasons Behind The Slow Performance of Your iPhone and How to Fix it.

Outdated iOS Software

The biggest culprit behind the slow performance of any iPhone is outdated iOS software. We sometimes might not realise that an update is due or might have ignored the notification for the same. If you are a first time iPhone user, here is how you check for any due iOS updates on your phone.

  • Open the Settings App and head to General.
  • On the General tab, you will find Software Update. 
  • If your software is not up to date, you’ll see a button to update to the latest iOS version. Just Tap on it and your software update will start.

Possible Malware

Even though an iPhone is a pretty safe device to use, it is not completely immune to all external threats. So, there is small chance that the slow performance of your device if due to the presence of a malware. A malware can suck a lot of energy from your iPhone, resulting it to get slower. If you feel like you have a malware sitution with your phone. You could do a number of things to deal with it, which are mentioned below:

  • Reboot your iPhone.
  • Getting rid of any apps that you think could be behind the possible malware.
  • Updating your phone software.
  • Getting a third party software to deal with the same.

If nothing else seem to work, you will need to restore your phone to factory settings. Make sure you back up all your data before you do so.

Storage issues

You might not realise how much of your phone storage is filled with data that you never use. All those unread texts, screenshots, whatsapp images etc add upto a lot of storage consumption. Running low on storage can slow down your iPhone performance significantly. To check the storage of your phone, head to Settings and find Storage under the General Settings. Here, you will find find out how much storage of your device is consumed. Also, you will find out which app consume how much storage. It is always advisable to keep atleast 10% of your storage empty. So, try and clear out the data in apps that consume a lot of storage. You will surely find things to get rid of in every app on your iPhone.

Background Apps

The most obvious among the 5 Reasons Behind The Slow Performance of Your iPhone is all the unessecary backround apps running. Using backgound apps is quite convinient as you can easily witch from one app to another. However, running too many apps open can eat your battery and also cause your iPhone to slow down. So, it would be a good idea to swipe and close the apps that you do not wish to use for a while. This will help your device reach the optimal performance. You can also check for any apps that use your information while you are not using it and turn the setting to ‘While Using the App”. You can chage this setting for Location on the Google Maps app, but don’t do it for Find My Phone, please.

Your Phone is Tired

Don’t laught on this one, your iPhone like you is bound to get tired. To prevent it’s tiredness from influencing your phone experience, make sure you give it some rest time and again. It is quite simple to provide rest to your iPhone, you just need to Rebbot it. Just by switching your phone off for a while, you could improve your performance. So, don’t forget to give your phone the reat it needs.

So, these were the  5 Reasons Behind The Slow Performance of Your iPhone and How to Fix it. Hope they help you.

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