5 Sites to Download Free and Copyright-Free Music for YouTube Videos!

Thousands of YouTube videos are taken down daily just because they have used copyright music, maybe intentionally or by mistake. Some videos get copyright as soon as they upload the video, which according to us is still ok as the person can change the music and upload the video again. But most of the time the video gets deleted/taken down after a few days, months, or even years after it’s uploaded. And in this case, it’s really heartbreaking. You have gained thousands or even millions of views on your video and one day you wake up and see that the video is gone for good, just because of your single mistake. That’s why prevention is always better than cure. So here’s the list of 5 best sites to download free and copyright-free music for your YouTube videos.

Sites to Download Free and Copyright-Free Music for YouTube

1. Mixkit


If you are a regular commercial content creator then you might be knowing about Mixkit. It’s one of the best and most popular websites where you can easily find royalty-free non-copyright music for your YouTube videos. With hundreds of music on the site in every genre, you can easily find the type of music that suits your video. Using the play button given with every video, you can first listen to the music and then click on the download icon to save the music locally if you like it. Hovering on to the three-dot icon will provide you with more options like choosing the music based on a different genre, moods, and instruments. For a more precise and focused search for your music, you can use the Search Music box given at the top right corner.

Link: Mixkit

2. Free Music Archive


By using the music given on Free Music Archive you can upload all the YouTube videos without any fear of copyright strikes and claims. Even if you are a regular video uploader, you won’t go out of stock. There are thousands of music to choose from and new ones get uploaded frequently. On the home page of the website, you will see various filters and search bars to make your search more specific. If you create videos on youtube for commercial purpose then it’s suggested to check the box on the left that says “Allows for commercial use”.

Link: Free Music Archive

3. Purple Planet Music

purple planet music

Why should you use the music from unknown sources and take the risk on your YouTube videos when you can use the free copyright free music from Purple Planet Music. Be it a video with sad content, funny content, kids, cinematic, creepy, dreamy, energetic, and many more, there’s a huge list of music available in all the moods and genres. Other than mood and genre, you can also find the music based on top tracks and newest tracks. Although you can easily use the music for free you need to give the credit to Purple planet Music in your YouTube video description.

Link: Purple Planet Music

4. Free Stock Music

free stock music

Keep your YouTube videos safe with Free Music Stock videos, a website that provides unlimited copyright free music for creators like you. Make your searches from different categories like classical, cinematic, acoustic, etc. Similarly search among various moods, length of the song, and most important, license. Some of the music requires a premium subscription for downloading but there are enough options for free music as well. All you need to do to use free music from Free Music Stock is to provide a credit in the video description.

Link: Free Stock Music

5. Silverman Sound Studios

silverman sound studios

The last one but equally amazing website to download free music for YouTube is Silmanman Sound Studios. Choose from thousands of different music which can easily be used to create copyright free videos. You can select from a variety of moods related to your videos like aggressive, funny, bouncy, classical, calming, and so on. You can easily use any music given on Silverman Sound Studios by just proving a credit to the creator in the YouTube video description.

Link: Silverman Sound Studios

Final Words

So that’s our list of 5 best free copyright free music for YouTube videos. Although all the websites contain free music, you can still make a contribution to support the creators. And don’t forget to follow the guidelines of the websites for creating safe YouTube content. If the creator asks for giving them credit, then don’t forget to do so.

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