6 Ways To Learn Things Without Reading anything

The times are stressful, everyone wants to learn but it is just hard to focus. It is especially hard to focus if you are doing an activity that you do not enjoy. Most people are not a fan of reading and they would do anything to avoid it. If you are one of those people, no judgements here. On the contrary, I will offer you free advice on how you can make the most productive use of all the free time you have because of the Pandemic. By giving you ways to learn about various subjects without even reading a word, except for this article of course. With technology coming to your rescue yet again, let us look at 6 Ways To Learn Things Without Reading anything.

YouTube Videos

Most of us make use of Youtube for entertainment without realising the huge educational value it has. Youtube has a ton of educational material that is available to you for free. This means you can learn a thing by merely watching videos on your phone or laptop without reading a thing. It doesn’t matter what you wish to learn, Youtube has content for every learner. From current affairs to typical algorithms, everything is available on YouTube for free.


Gone are the days when audio was only associated with music. Today, podcasts are equally as important. You might already be listening to various podcasts by your favourite celebrities for entertainment purposes. Without realising that the world of the podcast has a lot in store for you to learn. Experts from all fields like Psychology, Economics, Finance etc are now making podcasts to share their knowledge about their subjects. You can make use of all this free knowledge by listening to podcasts on various app. If you have an iPhone, you have an inbuilt Podcast app. For Android users, there is always Google Play Music and then there is Spotify with its numerous podcasts. You can also find subject-specific podcasts on the websites of certain organisations and institutes.


If you are not making use of AudioBooks already, please do. AudioBooks are essentially my favourite among the 6 Ways To Learn Things Without Reading anything. There are various apps available that lets you get access to a large number of books in the form of Audio. Though Audible is the obvious choice for many AudioBooks enthusiasts, you can explore other options in the market. It won’t even hurt to get a paid subscription when it comes to audiobooks as it definitely serves its purpose.

Text to Speech Softwares

Now, this is something obvious yet we all tend to forget about it in the times it actually matters. There are various options you can choose from if you want a machine to read the text. If you have an iPhone or Mac, then you can simply make use of the Speak feature to make Siri speak anything from WhatsApp messages to Books. Then there are other options like making use of platforms like Instapaper and Pocket then there are options like getting a browser extension. Chrome offers a ton of free browser extensions that turn text to speech with ease.


If you are someone who could read a bit, but just the important stuff. Make use of Blinklist which filters and summaries huge data into chunks, specifically big books into a few pages. It is an excellent service that saves non-readers a lot of time and effort. There is more, if you avail of a paid subscription for the service, you won’t have to read a thing. The paid subscribers get the feature of text to speech on the platform, reducing your load even more. 

Online Courses

You might have enrolled in one or two courses at the beginning of the Pandemic last year, but are you still doing it? There is no limit on how much you can learn using online courses, you have access to the best study material and the best teachers from across the globe. If you wish to enhance your knowledge without reading tons of books, going for an online course is a no brainer. You can take up an online course on websites like Coursera and Edex etc. Most of the courses here are free if you don’t want a certificate. Alternatively, various famous universities like Harvard offer online courses by their organisation on the web. If you want to learn about coding games, check out Best Online Coding Games to build programming skills.

So read less and do more with these 6 Ways To Learn Things Without Reading anything.

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