7 Best Android Apps for Money Management in 2021

Money management is a crucial practice, but it is getting harder as most of our exchanges are online. Though, this way we can have a record to fall back to, but can also spend more than we should without realising it. However, that doesn’t mean that we have to go back to the old ways and start using cash. We just need to be smarter with our money. Well, technology surely has a way to negate its negatives and it can surely prevent us from overspending. A ton of apps in the market can assist you in managing your funds. Here are the 7 Best Android Apps for Money Management among them.


It is a rather simple budgeting app that lets you track your income and expenses without much effort. It has cross-platform support, so you can use it on your Android, iOS and even the web. Other than tracking tools, you will also get other budgeting tools that help you save, pay off debt etc. Most of the tools on the app are available for free, but some may only be available at a subscription of $6.00 per month. The user interface makes Goodbudget one of the most popular among the 7 Best Android Apps for Money Management.


Though the name suggests an exclusivity, AndroMoney is also available on iOS. Just like Goodbudget, it offers cross-platform support making sure to have the best experience. The app is very popular among Android users as it offers a ton of features without charging anything. The free app has multiple accounts, budgeting functions, support for multiple currencies, backing up to Excel etc. The only drawback of this app is that there are ads but it is certainly better than spending money on subscriptions to spend less money.

Financial Calculators

This app is exactly what the name suggests, a collection of calculators to assist you with your finances. This is not like other money management apps and won’t help you track your expenses. Instead, it helps you make fewer bad decisions when it comes to your finances. This is possible through the multiple calculators that let you find out everything about your loan repayment, interests on your Investments etc.

Mint – Money Management App

If you want every money management tool in one place then Mint is the app for you. It lets you manage everything from your bills to your savings and can even go the extra mile to pay your bills. This app is a replacement for an older app called Mint Bills. So, it can do everything related to your bills like reminding you when to pay, calculating your credit score and also assist in other areas of money management. It is a secure option and also free to use. 


The app takes pride in how quick it is. Well, there is no denying the claim as Monefy is one of the easiest and smoothest apps to manage money. The interface will seem overwhelming at first but once you start using it, the features get almost too easy to be true. You get a built-in calculator in the app, passcode protection, currency support, widgets and a lot more. It is available for free on PlayStore with limited features, a subscription is available at $2.50.

Money Manager

Money Manager is the most visually pleasing app among the 7 Best Android Apps for Money Management. You can see your money come and go, on the app. It makes use of graphs and other visual aspects to not burden you with much reading. It is loaded with most of the necessary features like bookkeeping asset management and instant stats. You can even export your data to a spreadsheet or take a backup if you want. The app is free to use, but the pro version is for $3.99.

My Finances 

My Finances provide all the necessary money management tools along with the ability to manage multiple accounts. It also lets you plan for future expenses, and view a complete history of all your transactions and actions. It has a colourful interface that is customizable and lets you make repetitive expenses. The app is in it’s developing period, but the developers promise more features in the future like cross-device syncing. It is free to download with In-App Purchases. 

Did you learn something new from 7 Best Android Apps for Money Management? Let us know in the comments below.

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