Airdrop on Android Finally Made Possible Through These Apps

Android vs IOs is an age-old battle. While the users of both segments swear by their love for their operating system, there are some features in the enemy clan that they wish they had. Airdrop is one such feature. Many Android users love everything else that their phones have to offer but secretly wish for an iPhone just for Airdrop. A feature that allows ioS users to share data with each other with lightning bolt speed. As compared to android, where data has to be shared slowly through Bluetooth, Airdrop is a blessing. While Android users might not have a built-in Airdrop like feature, Airdrop on Android is made possible through the following apps:

Easy Share

As the name states, this app makes sharing easy for Android users. Through, easy share you can simply share a variety of apps between two devices just by the tap of a button. To make a transfer through Easy share, you need to ensure that both the devices have the app installed. Then all you have to do is select the files to be transferred on one phone and send. You will see the other device in range and that device will receive a notification when you press send.

Receiving the files on the other device can be done by merely tapping on the accept option. The app also has another useful feature. The HTTP file transfer allows you to browse your phone content on your browser. Through an IP address provided by the app, which can be pasted in the browser.

ShareMe App

The ShareMe App by Xiaomi comes closest to the ios Airdrop feature. Unlike popular belief, the app can be used on all android phones and not just Xiaomi devices. There are various ways through which you can exchange data over ShareMe. The easiest one would be to simply scan a QR code that aids you to transfer files through Bluetooth or Wifi. The Web share option allows you to create a hotspot for one device, which can be connected through the other device by connecting to the wifi. This is useful while transferring files to an Ios device or your computer.

There is another easier way to transfer files to your computer by the option ‘Share to PC’. This works when both your devices are on the same wifi network. 

Jio Share 

The most popular network in India has an app for everything and sharing data is no exception. Jio share lets you transfer data between devices at lightning speed. It is an easy to use app that allows you to share all type of data easily between two devices. The interface is considerably simple, you will find a send and a receive button. To share data, all you have to is press on send on one device and then select the files and confirm. Simultaneously, the press receives on the other device and allow the request for receiving data and you are done. The exchange is simple between two android devices, but if there is an android and one ios device involved. It becomes necessary for the android device to create a hotspot in order for the apple device to connect to the same.


If you are looking for an app that can do a lot more than transfer files than Android is the app for you. It involves features like screen recording, screen monitoring, backup, remote control and much more. This is not the only quality that differs Airdroid from others on the list. The app also requires you to create an account to access any of its features. It allows you to add up to two devices to one account.

Doesn’t the app seem too good to be true? After all, it does everything from file transfer to creating back up. There’s a catch though, it has a limit. The data transfer is limited to 30 MB, which is very less. Also, the paid version of Airdroid only extends it up to 1 GB. The only way this app works for you if your data transfer requirement is low. Saying that it can be an ideal app if your only requirement is to view the contents of your phone on another device.

There you have it, 4 apps that make Airdrop on Android Possible.

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