Apps for Instagram Stories You need for Your Account

Instagram stories are the new Snapchat. Everyone is posting on it continuously with filters so innovative, that you just can’t get enough. If you are trying to make it big on Instagram, you know the importance of stories in increasing your engagement. If you didn’t, you know now and there is no reason why you should miss out on its incredible potential. Instagram stories can break or make your daily engagement scene, hence it is important for them to be engaging and aesthetic. Filters are not enough to achieve both the goals, you need to go an extra mile. Work on your stories with these 5 Must-have Apps for Instagram stories.

1. Storyluxe 

To create amazing content for your stories, you need the right tools and Storyluxe is the ideal one. This editing app is packed with several Instagram story templates that are dynamic and stunning. You can easily find the right template for your need as the app features templates as solid as polaroid and stunning as neon. You can choose from a variety of filters, background textures, colours and everything you can think of.

2. Unfold

If you have been looking for an app to provide minimalistic templates for your IG stories. Then, unfold is the app that you neat. The choice and clean creative options of the app will make you feel like you are designing Vogue. Unfold are easy to use for everyone and produce stories that look professional. The best feature of the app is ‘Story Mode’ that allows you to get a preview of how your creative will look on Instagram.

3. Over

If you are a person who loves words more than pictures, over is perfect for you. This app lets you add creative texts and graphics to your pictures. Over allows you to not only create a story, but an entire brand by the high quality content it provides. You can choose from the countless number of high quality pictures, fonts, graphics and every other tool in the books. Over also features a video library that allows you to bring life to your stories. That’s not all, the incredible app also assists you in finding the right hashtag.

4. Storyboost

If you are a fan of animation and want your stories to look dynamic and perfectly choreographed. Go for the Story Storyboost app that lets you create slides with engaging transitions and is best among the Apps for Instagram Stories. You can make a 15-second video for your story or your reels using this app. Not just your pictures, you can also make the text dynamic by the number of animation options available on Stoorybost. It will certainly give you all the tools you need to create engaging content.

5. Mojo

If you are looking for an app to create video stories for your Instagram page, Mojo is the app for you. The app lets you choose from thousands of templates to help you find the one that suits best. You also have various tools to crop, trim, add effects and animation to your video.  It also lets you create stunning animated stories from your static pictures. It is useful for creating promotional content due to the customized fonts and innovative templates. Making it a must have app for people who are promoting either their own product or products by someone else.

6. Instagram Stories Scheduler

As we have already established that stories play a key role in creating engaging content. Posting them regularly becomes a necessity, but you can’t always be online. To maintain your peace of mind and your engagement alongside, you need an app that makes posts on your behalf. Instagram Stories Scheduler does just that by letting you post even when you aren’t online. You just need to feed everything into the app; the image, the caption and also the hashtags. Then simply set the date and time for your post and you are done.

With the bonus app, another top-five comes to an end. Only to motivate you to start your Instagram engagement journey through engaging stories. These apps will surely make you stand out and your followers will want to stop and check your story. Instead of wiping left hopelessly. These 5 Must-have Apps for Instagram Stories will change your Instagram game and put you into the elite club. So, why are you still reading, go and create stories that blow everyone’s mind and become Instagram famous?

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