Apps that Every Digital Nomad needs in 2020

The life of every digital nomad revolves around their laptop while they revolve around the world. With no problems of a confined office, they have ample of space for creativity. Their creative thinking is even expanded through the number of places they visit and the people they meet. Though, all of this sounds like a dream come true. Travelling and working can often be a task. You don’t only have to worry about meeting deadlines, but doing it while making the most out of your trip. After all, there are little flaws involved in everything. These small hurdles might not be deal creaker, but can be annoying. Hence, we bring to you apps that every Digital Nomad needs to make his/her life even better.

Google Translate

A digital nomad travels across states and nations to explore and work at the same time. Though travelling to new places can be exciting, there could be some barriers. Barriers which prevent you from having the best of the times and one such hurdle is language. No matter how many languages you know, if you are a Digital Nomad you might find yourself in a situation where you don’t understand a language. If could be even painful, if the person you are communicating to is resilient while you are need of his/her assistance.

This is where Google translate becomes a must-have app for digital nomads. Other than translate conversations, you can also use the app to translate text written anywhere by simply scanning it. The best thing is it can work without internet.


A digital nomad has many requirements when it comes to travel and thankfully there is an app that takes care of it all. Tripadvisor app can assist hotels, motels, flights, restaurants and just about everything. It lets you compare prices of the same hotel on different sites, assisting you in getting the best deal. It performs a similar function for flights and thankfully the advantages of the apps have no geographical barriers. The app has millions of members that make it possible to provide users with accurate information about travel requirements across the globe. It is the ideal app for digital nomads as they can save a lot of research time and dive straight right into the fun.


You might swear on your life that the location app on your phone is the best. But, that is because you are not aware of the many advantages that this city guide app offers over all others. The best thing about the app is that it works completely fine with or without an internet connection. If that isn’t enough for you to say goodbye to the existing maps app you have on your phone, then some other features might. is designed to cater to all the tour needs of a digital nomad. It does so by providing not only directions but city guide, points of interest to explore and even hiking trails. Unlike other apps, it can direct you to the lesser-known landmarks around a city making it one of the best apps that every Digital Nomad needs.

Trabee Pocket

While exploring places while working might seem like heaven. One thing that cannot be ignored that it comes at a huge price. Though spending on travel might be the ideal way to live for a digital nomad, no one likes to worry about money. Especially, when they are travelling. So, the most ideal option to manage money would find an app that does it for you and Trabee Pocket is just the app. It is an app specially designed for travellers, so you can pick the various destinations you’ll be visiting and set budgets for the same.

You can record the various transactions you make at a different destination and make sure you stick to your budget. The expenses can also be divided into different categories like food, accommodation etc. The best feature about the app is that it converts all your expenditure to your native currency. Making sure that you never have to worry if you have spent too much.

Unlike your journey as a digital nomad, this list has come to an end. We have covered the four most important parts of travel without overwhelming your phone storage. These 4 apps are more than enough and certainly the apps that every Digital Nomad need

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