Best Apps to Hide Pictures & Videos on Your Phone

Privacy is important in everyone’s life, the intensity might change but no one wants to share everything with the world. Even the people who are super active on social media, do not share everything on their feeds. Some content is only reserved for them and their close ones, then there are others they want no one to see at all. Some photos and videos may be too private to share with family and friends. You can’t tell your friends not to snoop around your phone every time, but you can make sure they don’t see the data you don’t wanna share. Here are the Best Apps to Hide Pictures & Videos on Your Phone.

Calculator# Hide Photos and Videos

This is the most fun app to hide your data as it can be used as a calculator. This regular looking calculator is available for download only on App Store and can help you hide a lot of things. Apart from pictures and videos, you can also hide documents, audios, notes, passwords, and even your to-do lists. It has great security features to protect your data, which involves:

  • Panic switch that quickly changes the app to prevent snooping.
  • Decoy Mode that allows the user to see a Fake login.
  • Disguise Mode which tricks snoopers with a pop-up message.

This app can also work as a cloud storage app for your photos and videos.

Hide It Pro

The name says it all, this app is truly a pro at hiding things. You can hide anything from your videos, photos to documents and notes on this app. Android users can even hide apps, file managers, lock apps and video players using Hide it Pro. It has an easy to use interface and comes with cloud backup through Google drive. This makes it easy for you to retrieve any lost data. You can customise the entire app and change its features as per your need. It can be protected by your finger or face id. The app has devoted features to protect your privacy, which includes disguise mode and escape code (which lets your vault appear empty). I suggest you use both these features for top-notch privacy.

Gallery vault

Another excellent addition to the list of the Best Apps to Hide Pictures & Videos is Gallery vault. The app is available for both android and apple users but has a different set of features for both of them.

For the iPhone, it has features like Secret Door that makes the app look like the camera app. You can even change the icon of the Gallery vault app. Other noteworthy features involve recycle bin, lock screen background, TouchID, change lock type and Folder lock. The premium version of the app also provides alerts on break-ins.

For Android, it has GCamera which is a private camera that saves pictures directly to your vault. You can use Icon disguise to change the icon to a calculator. You can also make use of cloud Sync, disable screenshot, uninstall protection, built-in video players and just like the Apple version it has a Folder lock feature too. The premium feature in this case also includes Fake Password, which shows an empty folder when a fake password is entered.

LockMyPix Secret Photo Vault

For the Android users who want all the features an app like this could offer, LockMyPix is the pick for you. It has everything that the above apps offer, like disguise mode, shake lock, protect with finger lock, recovery email etc. Apart from these usual features, it can do a lot more. There are creative features like, Intruder selfie-and Prevent Spying that does not allow screen transfer or screenshots. It has a dark mode and advanced features to design and style your data. There’s also a Keep screen on feature and an in-app camera. The free version offers all these features and a lot more, but you can switch to the premium version if you wish to remove ads or make use of the fake vault feature. 

These were my top picks for the Best Apps to Hide Pictures & Videos on your phone. There are tons of other apps in the market, but these four stand out in terms of both privacy and user interface. Just remember Calculator is only available for Apple users and LockMyPix is only available for Android users. 

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