Best Audiobook Apps for iPhone and iPad to Use in 2020

Ours is an age of transformation and nothing is an exception from the rule. When I say nothing, I mean it as everything. From our mode of communication to our mode of acquiring knowledge is constantly changing. One such big change has been in the world of books. The same books that occupied tons of space in libraries are all available on the little devices in our hands. Mobile phones and iPads have made it possible for us to carry millions of books anywhere and everywhere. It is not just ebooks that have changed the way we read, it is more than that. We not only have the technology to read books on our devices. But also the tech to not read and still acquire knowledge as well. This is made possible through audiobooks. Want to explore the limitless world of audiobooks? Learn about the best audiobook apps for iPhone and iPad.

Apple Books

If you are an Apple user, you have this app pre-installed on your device. So, making the most out of the possibilities that Apple has to offer is a no brainer. Accompanied by the various reading features and ebook library stands the option to listen to audiobooks. Apple Books is certainly the first among the best audiobook apps for iPhone and iPad. This is due to fact that apps designed by apple are more compatible with the device and also streamlines the purchasing process of purchasing. Using this app should also be preferred as you won’t need a separate app for every reading function as Apple Books do it all.


If you need to listen to every book that exists then Audible is the app for you. As Audible is powered by the world’s biggest online book store that is Amazon, it has the widest variety of books. The huge number of books isn’t the only USP of the app, it has a lot of other incredible features as well which are described below:

  • You can either purchase audiobooks separately. If not, you can go for a subscription which is cheaper if you plan to listen to a lot of books.
  • You have the option to listen to books narrated by famous personalities.
  • Audible also features short-form narratives and original audio shows.
  • You can have access to all downloaded books on all your devices and even access them offline.


If you don’t believe that books are enough to acquire new insights. This subscription-based content platform is the one for you among the best audiobook apps for iPhone and iPad. Scribd not only offers subscribers with ebooks and audiobooks but also newspapers and magazines. It is a versatile application and will save you a lot of money if you are an avid reader. An article from a newspaper which has a subscription fee can be accessed for free through Scribd. So, basically, instead of getting 100 subscriptions and buy a variety of audiobooks, you can do it all at once at 8.99$ a month.

Google Play Books

If you were android users who just switched to ios, then Google Playbooks will feel the most like home to you. Though the app doesn’t have a collection as big as audible, it surpasses apple books in the number of books. A great feature of this app would be the compatibility of the app across various operating systems. You can use the app on your iPhone, Windows desktop and any other devices through your Google account. Also, you don’t need a subscription for the app, so if you seldom read then Google Play Books would serve you best. Apart from ebooks and audiobooks, you can also access most academic books and even comics on this platform.


If paying for audiobooks is something you don’t wish to do, then go for Libby. It is an app that can be compared to a collection of libraries, as here you don’t buy books, you borrow them. You can get access to various public libraries from the Libby app and can access a different range of books offered. The collection of books may not be as wide as Audible, but the no-cost legal way of listening to audiobooks and reading ebooks cannot be ignored. The only drawback of this app is that sometimes you will need to wait to borrow books, but that is a small price to pay when you are not paying anything.

I hope your reading journey will become easier now.

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