Best Free News Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2021

The year isn’t going as we expected, we are still living through a pandemic and all the problems of the world didn’t magically disappear. A lot is still happening in this world and we are only aware of some of it. We want to know it all and we rely on second-hand sources for the same, while we have them in our hands the ideal source to learn about all stories first hand. Our iPhone is an extremely versatile device. Even if you are not a fan of the traditional news app that the phone comes with, there are a lot of other options which you can go for. Here are the 6 Best Free News Apps for iPhone in 2021.

Google News

Google News is app is the most versatile news app in the market. It works well on devices and the one of the best option for iPhone users. The best thing about the app is that it adapts according to our interests, the AI like feature is one of the most promising features of the app. The app has news from different categories, you’ll find everything from your local news to the worlds to the stock market in a place. There is also a separate category only for covid related news. 


If you are someone who wants a non-traditional news app, that will show you the topics you are interested in on your feed, then Feedly is the app for you. It is famous for its easy to use interface and reliable sources. Some of its prominent features involve dark mode, sharing of articles and a read later option which always comes in handy. This is not all though, Feedly allows you to create boards as you do on Pinterest to keep your information organised. It is like an informative social media with no advertisements.


Flipboard is a new app that lets you not only select the news you want to see but also the one you don’t want to. You can personalise it according to your interests, region and even block the categories you don’t wish to know about. You will find ads while scrolling through the app, but you can get rid of them and other distractions on the screen by using the reader view. The app is versatile and can also be used on your Android or Windows device.

Microsoft News

The Microsoft app has a clean and customisable layout, with a dark mode. Its features are almost similar to that of Google news other than the fact that though you can choose your interests, you can’t select the sources you ser new from. You can adjust the app according to the country you like in and your likes and use it on your iPhone, iPad, Android and even Windows for free. The USP of this app is that you can watch the news in video format too.

BBC News

From one text and video news app to another in the list of Best Free News Apps for iPhone. BBC is known all over the world as the source of fresh and trustworthy news. It has updates on every field that you can think of and the news never disappoints. Along with video and text, you can also hear the news through the Live BBC World Service Radio on the app. You can customize the layout, carousel display and widgets. BBC News also lets you sort the news you like in the “My News” segment.

Jio News

Jio has an app for everything and the news is no exception. It is an excellent app for getting the latest news from all across the country before everyone else. You can do a lot more than reading news on the Jio News app, it lets you watch video news, read magazines and even lets you watch live tv. Jio users have access to the premium features at no additional cost while others will have to see some ads here and there. Jio News comes with a dark mode as well as an offline mode, that lets you download not only newspapers but also magazines.

The world is full of facts that you can know to make the slightest difference. I sincerely hope that anyone among the list of  6 Best Free News Apps for iPhone in 2021 assists you a little bit in doing the same.

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Best Free News Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2021

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