Best Study Planning Apps For All Students in 2020

Students in 2020 are learning more online than any other generation ever. With schools and colleges confined to their laptop and phone screens, it is on them to make the most out of the situation. Which means, compensating for offline classes and practical knowledge through the use of our best friend right now ‘technology’. There are thousands of apps out there to help students make their studies a little less painful. Now, you need these apps more than ever. So, here are 5 Best Study Planning Apps that will make studying in this pandemic a lot easier and a little fun too.

1. Todait – Smart Study Planner

A study planner available for free on both android and ios platform is the ultimate planner for students. The app allows you to not only create a to-do list but lets you plan every detail of your study to the tiniest detail. The best thing about this app is that it blocks notifications from other apps, making your study time distraction-free. The planning features on Todait involve:

  • Scheduling tasks along with the exact number of questions to be solved.
  • It allows you to set a timer for the specific task you are working on.
  • Todait keeps you updated on the percentage of studying that you have finished and the percentage left by tracking every finished task.
  • The app even keeps track of your studying pattern and progress for a span of time and you can access the data in the form of easy to understand graphs to plan further studies.

2. Chipper

If you have wished of some way you can keep a track of all your deadlines and exams without remembering it, then Chipper is for you. The study planner app allows you to imagine and schedule your study plans. With a lot of tools to keep your information just a swipe away, this app will make sure you complete all your tasks on time. You have a calendar where you can put dates for every study related task.

It also stores information about all your subjects, courses in an organised study plan for each. Whenever you are studying, just tun on the study tab to let the app know. The app records your study time and rewards you with virtual currency when you finish your goal. The money is not real, but a great way to keep you motivated to complete your tasks on time making it one of the Best Study Planning apps.

3. Easy Study

The app holds to its name and is one of the easiest study planners to use. All you have to do is add your classes into the app along with your specific requirements for each. You can add activities related to every subject to remember what you need to get finished and what you have done already. The easy study will send you gentle reminders to keep you on track of your study plan. On starting the app, a timer begins and it keeps track of your study time and pattern which you can refer to later.

4. Power Planner

It is certainly a star among the Best Study Planning Apps, the interface is simple, elegant with almost all the tools you need. Power Planner keeps track of your class timings, test, assignments and everything else. The best thing about this app is that it syncs with google calendar making your experience a lot easier. The app also records your marks in different classes for the various semester. It can also go ahead to predict your GPA at the end of a semester by learning about your current sores and grades in different classes.

5. School Planner 

The App is an excellent app for planning studies in the long run. All you have to do is input information related to your classes, tests and other academic events and the app takes care of the rest. School Planner keeps track of not just your study schedule but assists you in studying in every way.

  • The library mode available allows you to study distraction-free.
  • You can add your grades, teachers, holidays and information related to extracurricular activities to always know where you are standing,
  • You can also share a schedule with a friend to keep things competitive.
  • The best feature would be importing files related to school onto the app for easy access.

I hope that now you know how you can plan your studies without much stress with these incredible and multipurpose apps, hence the Best Study Planning apps.

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