Best Tools and Resources to Write Professionally for Everyone

Writing is considered the best medium to communicate your views, cause unlike speaking you can edit and improve. Written communication provides the feasibility of improving the data multiple times before it catches anyone’s eyes. If writing is so easy, then why doesn’t everyone use it to their benefit? You might answer this question with, because “Not everyone is a great writer.” This might be true in the traditional sense, but writing in today’s world is a lot easier as compared to earlier days. Technology has made writing for everyone. So, even if you are not a great writer you can write great things with the help of some tools. Let’s learn about the best tools and resources to write.


The Grammarly Plugin which can be installed on your computer or your phone is an excellent tool for writing. The tools not only help you with grammar and spellings but checks everything that can be wrong with your text including plagiarism. Grammarly can even let you know how interesting your writing is. The premium version for the app offers all the tools, but the free version will be sufficient to start your journey as a writer.

Zoho Writer

If you wish to write amazing content with ease and without the traditional word processors, Zoho is for you. Zoho allows you to write quality content by pumping up your writing also corrects the grammar, style of writing, and readability. Though, the best thing about Zoho would be the luxury of posting texts from Zoho directly to WordPress.

iA Writer

If you are a writer you just couldn’t focus on your writing as there are a lot of things on your head. Then iA Writer will come to your rescue, by its simple and full-screen interface. iA Writer runs full screen on your device to help you avoid any distractions. You won’t get any fancy tools on this one, but you can always copy-paste your text to Grammarly for the Final edit.


This online resource can take care of all your writing needs. It will check for errors, improve grammar, work on your writing style, and offer you tips on how to write better. The highlight of this web editor remains to be its ability to find the appropriate word. If you have trouble remembering a specific word that would fit your text, the elaborated suggestive Thesaurus of the ProWritingAid will come to your rescue.


Technology today takes care of all human needs and Milanote is the perfect example of the same. The writing software allows you to store all your jumbled ideas in a presentable form so that you can work on multiple ideas and not lose any information. Milanote allows you to store ideas in the form of text, images, mind maps, videos, and whatnot. You can assemble ideas as you get them and come back to a specific idea later without losing your initial motivation.


If you thought the Milanote is great, then you will definitely love Notion. It is an amazing way to sore your writing in an organized manner. It is a great editor that allows you to write amazing content with the feasibility of adding more the 30 types of media. You can store raw ideas or fully-fledged novels in this editor, without worrying about losing your motivation. The editor allows you to set tasks, create calendars, and record all aspects of your process. The professional editor is a must among the tools and resources to write if you want to always meet writing deadlines.

Content SEO Checker

If you are looking to be a blogger or have a successful website, you cannot miss out on this tool. Search Engine Optimization is the most important aspect of generating organic reach for your write-up. The tools work in making your written material more attractive to search engines by suggesting LSI keyword and suggesting changes in writing style to get a better SEO score. The Content SEO checker is an all-in-one tool for creating content for Search Engines.


Another tool that can help you get more organic reach by checking the SEO of your writing. As soon as you paste your blog or article into the tool, it offers suggestions on making improvements to your texts. It not only improves your SEO score but checks plagiarism and helps in improving the readability.

If these are not all the tools and resources to write professionally, I don’t know what is.

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