Best Window Management Tool for Mac

Are you facing trouble managing too many open windows on your Mac screen? If you recently switched to Mac from Windows desktop, manging multiple windows can be an inconvenient task. Moreover, the built-in window manager tool doesn’t help much in Mac. If you are clueless about how to organize your overcrowded workspace, then this article is for you. 

Using the third party window app manager tool is the perfect way to declutter your Mac screen. Often we get lost in the multiple active windows on the desktop and using Mac without the window management tool could be a nightmare. With the help of window app manager, you can take control of your overcrowded screen in just a few seconds and work more productively. In this article, we outline some of the best Window management tool for Mac. 

Best Window Management Tool for Mac

Following are some of our best picks to manage multiple Windows in Mac.


Magnet is one of the most reliable apps for managing multiple windows in Mac. It declutters your Mac screen by neatly organizing the multiple windows and greatly improves multitasking. The app can be activated by a simple drag, customized keyboard shortcuts or can be used directly through the app menu. The app snaps windows into organized tiles so that you can get rid off tedious app switching. The window can be resized in halves, quarters, top or bottom of your screen in the four corners. Magnet supports up to six external displays with different orientations. The app is easy to use and comes with some useful features at an affordable price. For instance, you can easily snap the windows into quarters by dragging windows to the corners and you can snap to halves by using side edges. Get this app here.


Amethyst is a tiling window manager for Mac that rearranges your windows into non-overlapping tiles. If you have multiple apps opened, Amethyst automatically rearranges the windows into rows, columns and others. It uses its predefined layouts to position window and enhances your workspace efficiency. The default layout is Tall. The other available layout is wide, 3columns-left, widescreen tall, floating etc. For instance, in the default tall layout, the main window pane is positioned on the left while the remaining windows are stacked vertically on the right.  You can control the window positions using keyboard shortcuts. Moreover, Amethyst is a free window manager tool for Mac. You can this app here.


Mosaic is a powerful tool to organize app windows that is seamlessly integrated into your macOS. With the help of the tool, you can reposition and resize the windows with simple drag and drop and short cut keys. The app also supports remote app and a touch bar, giving you greater control over how you use the app. Mosaic provides some useful layouts to organize your mac screen or you can create your own layout using its Advanced layouts. It provides a plethora of layouts which you can choose from to improve the efficiency of your workflow. Additionally, it supports multi-monitor where you can apply a layout on any monitor with a simple drag and drop. Get this window manager app here.

BetterSnap Tool

BetterSnap Tool is a perfect choice if you are looking out for an app to create your own snap area. The tool easily lets you organize the window by simply dragging them to the corners of the screen. If you are looking out for something beyond the standard snap area, BetterSnap tool lets you customize your own snap area anywhere on your screen. You can also customize the keyboard shortcuts to position app windows on your screen. Additionally, it supports hidden docks, multiple monitors and more. Get this window management tool here.


HazeOver comes in handy when you have too many active windows. It helps you stay focussed on one particular task at a time when your screen is overcrowded with open windows or apps. The app highlights the front window by automatically fading out the remaining windows in the background. The tool is a useful productivity tool that fades away the less important window or app in the background. If you are using multiple monitors, haze over highlights a window on each monitor. Moreover, you can customize the dimness animation through its Advanced settings. The tool automatically reduces the brightness of the screen if you are working at night while keeping the colour accuracy of the window intact. Get this app here.


Moom is yet another useful window management tool that lets you organize the overlapped window easily with a simple mouse click or using the keyboard shortcuts. The tool arranges the active open windows to half screen, quarter screen or fills the screen. You can also save the layouts of the active window and restore them for one-click positioning via an assigned hotkey or from the main menu. Moom offers countless custom commands for zooming, moving, resizing and others. The complex window operations can be performed with the predefined hotkey. Get this app here.

Window Tidy

Window Tidy is a perfect choice for multitasking. Using this tool, you can easily arrange all the active windows on the screen into a customisable grid. The app instantly snaps the window to the customisable layout with a simple drag and drop. It supports multiple monitors and assigns independent grid size for each layout. Window Tidy’s quick layout options are very useful when you want to apply the new layout to the window but don’t intend to you it often. The quick layout lets you apply different layout without adding to the list. Get this app here. 

Which tool do you use to manage active windows on Mac? Write to us in the comments below.

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