Boost the Performance of Your PS4 in these 5 Ways

Gamers don’t like slow interfaces, but what if their PS4 slows down. If you are a budding gamer yourself, you might know that you can’t upgrade the PS4 like a gaming PC. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to compromise with the slow speed of your PS. You can easily boost the performance of your PS4 and PS4 Pro,  by making simple changes. Want to know what these little changes are? Find 5 ways to enjoy a faster PS4 below.

1.Clean up some Disk Space

A possible reason for the slow speed of your PS4 could be low disk space. If you have downloaded a variety of games of huge sizes, it is time you check on how much storage space they are consuming. In order to find out the status of your disk space, head to Settings > Storage > System Storage. Here you’ll see the total amount of disk space used and also a chronological order of categories using your disk space. Experts suggest keeping at least 100GB free for optimum performance. 

Games being the majority, will make Applications as the biggest consumer of storage space.

You can now head to Applications and choose Delete from the Options menu. After which all you have to do is select the unwanted games and your storage will thank you. Also, don’t worry, deleting a game won’t delete your save files for the same and you can reinstall the game whenever you want from the PlayStation Store. 

2.Update all the Games installed

Sometimes, the slow speed of a particular game could be due to the version of the same. Developers tend to improve such slowdowns in updates of their games. So, it might be a good idea to keep the games on your PS4 updated to ensure optimum performance. 

If you keep your device connected to the internet always, it might make any updates automatically. In the other scenario, when your PS4 is offline most of the time, you will have to manually make any update. To do that, highlight the game that is troublesome and press on options on your controller. Among the various options, choose Check for Update and make sure you update if one is available.

3.Upgrade your Hard drive

If you don’t mind spending a few bucks to improve the performance of your PS4, go for an upgrade. The PS4 typically comes with a 5400RPM hard drive, which is great but not famous for its speed. If you wish to have a more swifter experience, you can switch to either an SSD or HDD. Both these drives will make the loading time a lot lesser and your experience a whole lot better with that. Just keep in mind, that making an upgrade will only improve the speed and not contribute to any other factors. So, if you find spending on an SSD expensive, you can always go for a drive with a larger storage capacity or wait and buy the PS5.

4. Rebuild Database on your PS4

The Safe Mode interface of a PS4 has a utility called Rebuild Database. This utility guides your system to relevant data making your PS a little more efficient. This will reduce any home screen delays and check for updates to improve the speed on your system. To rebuild your database ollow the given steps:

  1. Turn off your PS4 from the quick menu.
  2. When the lights are out, press the power button on your console for a few seconds and you’ll hear a beep sound.
  3. The beep sounds indicates that you are in safe mode.
  4. Now press the PS button on your controller, which is connected to the system with a USB.
  5. Select ‘Rebuild Database’ and confirm. The process shall end in the next 15-20 minutes.

No data is deleted on your device by this method. The only thing that will change is that your recently played games will not come on the homescreen until you launch them again.

5.Clean your PlayStation

You should keep all your electronic devices physically clean to ensure optimum performance. The same is true for a PS4 device. To boost the performance of your PS4 clean the device for any dirt formation. If you know how to put the PS4 together, try cleaning the internals of the system as well. Doing so will decrease the overall temperature of your system, increasing efficiency. 

Now, go ahead, boost the performance of your PS4 and win your next conquest.

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