Changes in the Layout of Instagram that will Blow Your Mind

It might have taken you some time to get used to the new layout of Instagram. Which took all of us by surprise by replacing the explore page with reels. Just when we were used to the idea, the social media app decided to drop another bomb on our head. The next time you update your Instagram, you’ll see a different layout again. That will surely take you by surprise, and the biggest news is this layout is here to stay. The head of Instagram announced this new layout in the About Facebook blog post. Hence, this update seems like it is not going to leave us like our habit to scroll through Explore Page. As this layout will be a part of our lives. Let us explore what are the changes in the layout of Instagram, has in the box for us.

The changes in the Navigation bar

The famous navigation bar, which was also referred to as the notification bar in the past. Can no longer own up to its second name. The name might’ve been stupid even before, but now it’ll be archaic as the new update says goodbye to the notification tab. Instead of the notification tab, you’ll be seeing a Shopping Tab as the fourth Tab in the Navigation Bar. Yes, the notification tab will now become the Shopping Tab. Surprisingly, this is not even the saddest part of the new layout.

Another major change that will shock users would be the replacement of the New Post Button. It is true! The middlemost tab on the navigation bar, that has been forever glorifying its place and assisting us showing off killer content will vanish. No, not from the entire layout of Instagram, just the Navigation Bar. What will be replacing the New Post Tab is the reel Tabs, not surprising as Instagram wishes to make scrolling through reels even more convenient. This major change is aimed at gaining even more engagement is reels.

Then what happens to the newly formed Reel tab, that used to sit second on the navigation bar?

Thankfully, Instagram chose to keep one thing normal and give us back our explore on the place it belongs. Yes, Instagram Explore is back to its original position. With the latest changes in the layout of Instagram, not completely maybe.

So, the takeaways would be: Notification Tab is now Shopping Tab, New Post Button is Reel Tab and Reel Tab is back to being Explore Tab. Wondering what happened to our Notifications and New post tab, well they will be easily found on the Home Page.

Changes on the Homepage with the Instagram revamp

The Notification button will continue to have the same heart icon. With the only difference being that now it will sit right next to the Instagram DMs on the homepage. You read it right, to help users to shop easily Instagram has pushed their notification button to the top of the homepage.

The other option that went missing from the Navigation Tab, ‘The New Post Button’ will also be present on the Homepage. It will sit on the top of the Homepage, to the right of Notification which is adjacent to the DMs. So, basically, it is DMs, Notification and then New post button from right to left.

Why was this Change Justified

Though all the users including me are bumped with the changes in the layout of Instagram, Instagram might have needed it. Though, Instagram has been successfully filling the market left by Tiktok. It has not been able to do the same in countries where Tiktok is not banned and still the most popular video streaming app. So, to fight the competition and bring more attention to reels Instgrams move to put reels in the middle is justified.

Saying that the replacement of notification with the shopping button seems a little out of proportion. Maybe, the low popularity of the feature among users has fueled this move. Putting the shopping tab at a prominent position is not the problem, the issue is that it is replacing the loved Notification Tab. Though, Instagram claimed that all these changes were made after careful consideration and experiments on users of various different regions. This feature is bound to receive criticism.

We don’t know how much time it will take for us to get used to these changes in the layout, but we hope it’s not too troublesome.

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