Charge Your Laptop Without a Charger in 5 Ways

Forgetting your laptop charger is a pretty common thing. We all have been there and all of us have suffered because of it. Thankfully, those days are long behind us now. Most laptops today do not have the traditional charging pots, giving us a lot of flexibility when it comes to charging your laptop. I am going to tell you several methods, through which you can charge your laptop without a charger. However, before you use any of these methods make sure the voltage and power match the laptop specifications. Also, know that using an official charger should be the prefered option. These hacks are only for emergencies.

Charge using a Car’s Battery

If you have nothing but your car to charge your laptop, you are not out of luck. You can use your car’s battery to charge your laptop. You can do this by using an inverter, there are options like BESTEK 300W Power Inverter that can charge anything up to 300 watts. This method could be really convenient for people who go everywhere in their cars. However, you will need to make a place for your invertor in your car. You can just leave it under your car seat and forget about it.

Charge your Laptop using your Power Bank

You might carry your power bank everywhere if you don’t maybe your friends do it for you. Bottom line is that it is quite easy to find a power bank no matter where you are. Though you might only use these powerful devices to charge your phones, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that they can charge your laptops too. This, however, completely depends on your laptop models, most new models have USB Type-C ports that allow you to use your phone’s cable to charge it. There is however a tiny drawback, you can only use a power bank that supports 12v or higher as most laptops are between 8v to 12v, while most power banks are of 5v.

Charge using a USB Type-C Adaptor

As we have well established that you can use your phone’s type C cable to charge your laptop. Connecting it to an adaptor when you are near a power source is an absolute no brainer. It is a safe method as the adaptor cuts down the power on its own when there is a heating issue. So, this method eliminates the chances of slight hazards in the first two options. However, the main issue with this is that you will need to find a power source to connect the adaptor. So, you can’t use this method when you are on the road.

Use Universal Power Adaptor to Charge your Laptop

Another option to charge your laptop in the absence of an official charger is by using a Universal Power Adaptor. Though you need to be highly cautious while using this option as if you mess up the voltage setting, you risk frying your battery. So, before you use this option make sure you know everything about your laptop’s power requirement and your adaptor. These are however more portable than regular adaptors as most battery packs can be connected to your car’s 12-volt cigarette lighter. The best thing about this option is that it is highly portable and you can use it in a building or a car. 

Use a Super Battery to Charge Yor Laptop

You can get a Super Battery or a Spare Battery to charge your phone in case of emergencies. This method will require you to invest a few bucks in a spare battery, that you can carry everywhere. It works by physically replacing your original laptop battery with the spare one. When you get a super battery, make sure that it is compatible with your device. Most brands suggest you use their super batteries, eliminating any risk to the system. As this method requires you to change the hardware of your laptop, it is not highly recommended. So, only use a super battery when you have no other option left.

So, these were the tricks you can use to charge your laptop without a charger. Just remember that these tips should only be used when you forgot your charger, and are in dere need to use your laptop, not for replacing your charger. The device’s charger will always be the best option, so maybe try to not forget it.

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Charge Your Laptop Without a Charger in 5 Ways

Forgetting your laptop charger is a pretty common thing. We all have been there and all of...

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