Desktop Apps to add Instagram filters to your pictures

We live in an age where social media, where maintaining an Instagram grid is more important than anything. An aesthetic grid not only ensures a good social media standing but can also be a prospective career option. An age where Instagram bloggers earn more than Engineers. It becomes a matter of money for you to do justice to your Instagram. Now, that you know why your feed is important let us discuss how you can make it happen. Other than clicking great pictures, organizing them according to the aesthetics one thing you need to take care of is Filters. Instagram filters can make or break an entire profile. Choosing the right filter is important to bring your A-game to Instagram. Making custom filters for each picture can be a hard task, so I have come to your rescue. Here are the 5 best Desktop apps to add Instagram filters to your pictures:

1. BatchPhoto

BatchPhoto isn’t just an app for filters, it has other editing features and lets you resize, crop, and add frames to all of your photos as well. Saying that The app is one of the best desktop apps for Instagram filters. The filters are a significant part of its feature set and the collection is stunning and versatile. As the name states, BatchPhoto facilitates batch-editing which makes it easy to craft a consistent Instagram feed. BatchPhoto has three different versions; Home, Pro, and Enterprise. The app is not so cheap but the features surely make it worth a try.

2. Pixlr Desktop app

Pixlr has been a leader in the photo editing app since forever. Recently, a desktop version which is available free of cost is available for users. A paid version of the same is available too, but that is just for the advanced features. The free version has enough tools and Instagram filters to guarantee you a smooth editing experience and a stunning Instagram feed. The best part is the feature called “Influence Masks”. The feature can give different effects to different parts of your photo.

3. CameraBag

The much-unclaimed app among the desktop app for Instagram filters in CameraBag. The app has a huge number of presets. The best thing about the filters is that they are segregated into different categories. The categories are according to the type of picture, ensuring that you always find the best filter for your picture. The filters are joined by a wide range of more precise adjustments. The app would’ve been a dream come true if you didn’t have to pay $30 after a seven-day free trial. Along with filters the desktop app also offers adjustments tab that allows you to do everything from cropping to setting exposure.

4. Polarr

Polarr desktop app has filters for all your needs. The ample of photo filters fall under certain categories like modern, Art, Film, Classic, Vintage etc. Each category has it’s own charm allowing you to find variations of a single filter too Also, you can even adjust the intensity of each filter. Polarr app completely free, but you’ll have to upgrade to the premium version if you want extra features. The free features though, cover almost everything. You can add text, overlays, and frames. And have access to most photo editing tools. You won’t need a separate app to adjust colour, exposure, distortion, clarity or fixing facial imperfections.

5. Photospace X

PhotoScape X is the go-to app for many professionals to glorify their Instagram pictures. You have a ton of beautiful filters to add to your pictures. The aesthetic filters are not the only thing that the desktop app has to offer. Under the Edit tab, you can resize, adjust colours and transform your pictures. The best thing about the app is that you can use all these features for free. You can do a lot without the Pro version. Some of the major features involve creating and editing animated GIFs, adding lens flares and frames and creating collages. Additionally, you can use the Photospace X to batch-edit your photos. 

These are some of the best Desktop apps to add Instagram filters, ensuring an aesthetic IG feed. You can try each one to be sure about which app fits your requirements. So, say bye to all those extravagant Photo editing apps and edit your pictures like a pro. 

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