Facebook Can Help Your Mental Health by these 5 Tools

2020 has been a lot of things, but it has not been any good for our Mental Health. Humankind was already struggling with all the stress that evolution has brought this century. The pandemic only contributed to this ever-growing stress. After the outbreak, there has been a significant rise in the number of people reporting anxiety, depression and mental health-related problems. Various social media apps are coming up with innovative ways to serve this problem. Whether it is the latest Snapchat Mental Health feature or Instagram’s support feature. All of these features have been great, but Facebook seems to have won the race. With numerous features by Facebook to help with mental health, it seems to be the most woke. Want to know what these special features are, Check out these 5 ways in which Facebook can help your mental health.

1. Support Groups

Facebook has been offering the feature of organised groups for more than a decade. Initially, these groups were more focused on entertainment and recreation. Over time these groups have evolved into helpful communities for its members. There are various groups on Facebook which include members suffering from a chronic disease, war survivors and anything/everything you can imagine. Likewise, there are various groups that are dedicated to Mental Health and they feel just the same as real-life support groups. To join such groups all you need to do is search for a keyword in the Facebook search engine. Like the word depression will guide you to various support groups for the ailment, then you can easily find the ideal group for you and click on join.

2. Snooze a Friend

There might be ample acquaintances on your social media who are just too depressing for you. It might be the fact that they post negative things or just show off too much. Facebook gives you an option to deal with such Friends without unfriending them. So, without offending anybody in the long run you save your mental health. All you have to do to use this feature is click on Snooze for 30 days, whenever such a friend appears on your timeline. You won’t see anything from that person for a month.

3. Mental Health Tools

Facebook has a ton of suicide prevention tools for its users. From helpline for specific needs to extended information on various issues, Facebook has covered it all. To make use of such mental health tools you need to go to the Facebook Help Centre. When you click on the option you will find a search bar, where you can type in a specific keyword. The keyword will get you hundreds of options on support for you to choose from. On top of this feature, Facebook also provides regular self-care tips to relax you from time to time.

4. Crisis Support from Facebook Messenger

Facebook has collaborated with various organisations to help its users. These organisations provide 24*7 support to users via messengers. These crisis support pages can be extremely helpful as a lot of times we don’t have people to talk to in the time of crisis. To make use of this feature all you need to do is go to the page that serves your specific needs and send them a message. They will get back to you facilitating you to discuss your issues.

5. Banned Triggering Content

Facebook realises that not everything that is posted on social media is done with the best intention. To save its users the burden of being stressed by triggering content on the site, Facebook has strict guidelines. The social media site actively monitors the content posted and deleted such posts from the site. Facebook even goes lengths to ban such chaos creating accounts on a temporary or permanent basis. Furthermore, if Facebook misses out on any such post it provides the user with the power to report such contents. These reports are dealt with promptly ensuring a safe experience.

If you always believe that social media can only cause mental health problems. You should know that it also provides tools to deal with such issues. Facebook is the leader in the market is taking this social responsibility with the utmost seriousness by providing the above features. Saying that, if any of the above features don’t seem to provide you with the required assistance. You should get professional help.

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