Finance App You should Have on Your iPhone and Android

We live in the age of digitization. When everything is digital, it is no surprise that money has joined the club too. Online money transfer has gained a lot of popularity in the previous years due to the introduction of UPI and Paytm, making it extremely easy to transfer money. The pandemic also increased the use of UPI apps as it was not safe to use cash anymore. UPI apps have become an important part of our lives but are those the only finance apps we need on our phones, obviously not. Finance app on your phone should include more than transaction apps, you need apps to monitor your money flow, split bills, create a budget, invest and a lot more. Here are some Finance App You should Have on Your iPhone and Android

Wallet- Daily Budget and Profit

Wallet App allows you to record every transaction that you make and keep an eye on your money in real-time. You can add up to three accounts to your wallet for free and record each transaction separately for each account. The app has built-in categories, so you can choose if your income is from your salary or return on investment with just one click. Similarly, there are categories for expenses and you also have a feature to record a transfer from one account to other. It is a great app to see where your money is going as it gives you a detailed analysis of your expenses and income. You can also schedule incomes and expenses in advance under the planning section. By upgrading to a paid version, you can have more accounts, credit cards, savings etc. Also, it will let you sync with your bank account, so you don’t have to manually record your transactions. The paid feature has a lot more, but the free one is enough if you are just starting. The colour-coded money management app is available on App Store as well as Playstore and can be synced across your devices.


Next, among the Finance App, You should Have on Your iPhone and Android is Splitwise. It is a must-have for everyone but especially for people who love to go out with friends or who live with them. Splitwise lets you record group expenses with ease and lets you split it among the concerned parties seamlessly. If you create a group with a friend for a trip, any one of you can pay for any service you incur during the trip, keep on adding the expenses on the app and by the end of the trip the app will tell you who owes who. You can create multiple groups for different friend groups, trips, roommates and live your life without worry. If you hate using the calculator to split your bills every time, then you must have Splitwise on your phone. The best thing is, it is available for free for both iO and Android users.

Spendee Budget and Money Tracker

If you need an app especially for budgeting and improving your spending habits, Spendee is the app for you. It allows you to keep track of all your money in one place and segregate it into pre-existing categories. Will help you optimize your spending habits by helping you set a budget, keeping in mind your previous spending patterns. It also lets you compare your expenditure across timelines and gives you personalised insights into your spending pattern. The key features of the app include budgets, wallets, shared finances, multiple currencies, web version and secured data sync. The app has a user-friendly interface and will be an excellent addition to the finance apps on your phone. You can get the app for free on iOS and Android with App Purchases.

Trading apps 

If you didn’t know it already, investment is an important function of money. Hence, it is an absolute no brainer to have one or more trading apps on your phone. These apps let you trade across different commodities in different markets. You can choose to invest in a less risky investment option like a mutual fund or government bonds, that is for you to decide. Some of the popular trading apps in India are-

  • Kite– to trade in stocks and commodities
  • WazirX– to trade in cryptocurrencies
  • ETMoney– to trade in Mutual Funds
  • Groww– to trade in International as well as National stocks and mutual funds

These were all the Finance App You should Have on Your iPhone and Android. Apart from these, you could also make use of learning apps like Varsity by Zerodha.

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