Free video editing apps for iPhones and iPads

Becoming a video creator in the 21st century is hard. With all the competition, you can become insecure about your art. Although, it is true that it’ll need a lot of hard work to be successful in video creation. It is also true that technology has given us a lot of innovative tools to just do that. There are various apps and software available that let you edit your videos to perfection, in order to stand out. If you are a newbie to the entire video creation scene, it might be hard for you to find the right tools. To make your journey henceforth a lot easier, we have something good for you. We’ll introduce you to the best free video editing apps for iPhones so that you not only have access to the best tools but the best tools at the convenience of your phone for no cost.

The dreamy list of the best free video editing apps for iPhones:

1. iMovie 

For an iPhone user, iMovie must be the go-to app for video editing. The app clearly has tools for all your editing requirements at your disposal for no additional cost. The editor has a wide range of features that allow you to add themes, transitions, and even music. Also, the app is loaded with different filters to select from. You can literally compose a video’s soundtrack on your own using the app. iMovie has built-in music and sound effects, music from your iPhone library, or an option to select your own narration. There are a lot of additional features in the app, and the best way to learn about everything is just starting to use the app.

2. Adobe Premiere Clip

Talk about editing and Adobe doesn’t come to the picture, well that is highly unlikely. If you have an Adobe account then creating a video in this app is completely free for you. With 2 GB storage, Adobe lets you select videos from your library, dropbox and even Adobes library. You can add filters to the videos from the already present presets and add music from your library. The best thing about the app is though the liberty to manually edit everything from exposure to shadows.

3. Splice

Splice is a game-changer in the world of free video editing apps for iPhones. This app by GoPro even lets you take videos from Facebook to edit. The app has a huge library of music and lets you explore the best soundtrack for your video. You can always choose one from your library if you aren’t satisfied. You can choose transition, change the background color, and do all kinds of crazy effects on Splice. Talking about editing the video, you can select from a number of tools available. They allow you to trim the file, add filters, change playback speed, place text, and change the volume.

4. Videorama Video Editor

Videorama is a one in all app that has so many tools that you will have to use no other app once you get the heck of it. As soon as you start editing a video, you get to choose the video orientation. A square one for Instagram, portrait for reels and landscape for youtube videos, making sure there’s no issue afterwards. The app is linked to pixabau and lets you download many pictures and videos easily. Not only that, it has a huge library with copyright free music. You can add text, photos, music, and filters along with options to edit the clip, remove it, duplicate it, and add different transition effects.

So, these were the four best free video editing apps for iPhones which will make your video editing experience easier. You will a lot of other option but these apps take care of all your requirements without any adittional charges. Now, go and make big in the world of video creators and don’t forget us when you get famous, okay? 

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