Here’s what you can do with a HomePod – and how to do it!

There are quite a lot of issues you can do with the HomePod, and maximum of them you can do through asking it.

However, if you don’t know you can’t ask, so on this article we can run via probably the most issues you can do with the HomePodand display you how to do them. We even have a separate article that covers what HomePod does.

To use your HomePod, you first want to set it up, and to do that you want an iPhone, iPad, or iPod contact working iOS 11.2.five or later – and for some new options you will want iOS 12 for your iPhone and the related HomePod replace (iOS 12.1.1). Read this to in finding out how to replace your iOS tool.

You additionally want to be signed in to iCloud for your iPad or iPhone, have iCloud Keychain switched on in addition to Two Factor Authentication. It’s additionally vital to activate Bluetooth at the iPhone, iPad or iPod you are the use of to arrange the HomePod and be certain that you are hooked up to the WiFi community.

Set up is a straightforward procedure, when you dangle an iPhone or iPad beside the Homepod it will have to recognise it and take you during the steps.

  1. Unlock your iPhone or iPad and place it beside the HomePod.
  2. You will have to see Set Up seem at the display screen of your iPhone or iPad. Tap on it.
  3. Choose a room identify for the positioning of your HomePod.
  4. Decide whether or not to allow Personal Requests – you won’t need to do this if any individual else might be the use of your HomePod and you don’t need them to have get entry to to your Messages.
  5. During arrange your settings will routinely be transferred out of your iPhone or iPad, together with your iCloud main points and Wi-Fi community login. This implies that Apple Music will routinely paintings, if you have a subscription.
  6. When HomePod finishes arrange it’s going to greet you.

We have a detailed explaination of How to arrange HomePod right here if you want extra steering.

How to use the contact controls on best of the HomePod

We duvet this right here: How to use HomePod contact controls.

How to keep watch over HomePod by means of your iPhone

You don’t have to communicate to the HomePod to keep watch over the tune enjoying. If you’d slightly skip songs, or regulate the amount the use of your iPhone or iPad you can. Here’s how:

  1. Swipe up to divulge Control Centre.
  2. Press and dangle at the playback widget.
  3. Tap the AirPlay icon.
  4. Switch to the HomePod.

Now you can see the observe enjoying at the HomePod, and you can pause, skip to the following observe, repeat or build up and lower the amount.

You can additionally see main points of the observe enjoying, together with lyrics in some instances.

  • If you just like the observe enjoying, faucet at the center icon to point out that you adore it. And if you hate the observe, faucet on Dislike and Apple Music shouldn’t play it once more.
  • You can additionally select to Create a Station in keeping with the music enjoying (which is a bit like how Genius used to paintings, developing a playlist of songs like the only you are listening to.)

How to get Siri to learn and ship textual content messages at the HomePod

You can get Siri at the HomePod to learn new textual content messages, and you can get it to reply to them. Here’s how:

Say: “Hey Siri, learn my messages”.

If (and provided that) you have a new unread textual content message, Siri will learn it to you.

After studying the message, Siri will ask: “Would you like to answer?”

Say: “Yes”, and dictate your message to Siri.

Siri will then learn the message again to you by means of the HomePod and ask if you are satisfied to ship it.

How to get Siri to create and upload to a Note by means of the HomePod

You can get Siri at the HomePod to upload to your Notes.

For instance, you can have a To Do record to your Notes, wherein case you may just ask: “Hey Siri, upload write HomePod evaluate to my To Do List word” and Siri will have to replace the Note with the brand new motion level.

You can additionally create a new word through asking: “Hey Siri, create a Note referred to as HomePod evaluate”. Having achieved so you may just say: “Add Here’s how to use the HomePod to my HomePod evaluate Note”.

How to set a timer or an alarm on HomePod

You can set alarms and timers at the HomePod. (Since iOS 12 Siri on HomePod can set two separet timers immediately).

If you need to set an alarm on HomePod, simply ask: “Hey Siri, set an alarm for 6am” (until you’d choose no longer to be woken that early).

If you are the use of your HomePod within the kitchen, environment timers could be helpful when cooking. In which case, ask: “Hey Siri, set a timer for 20 mins”. You can ask Siri how lengthy is left, or how a lot time has handed.

What you can’t do is ready a 2d timer – which might be in point of fact helpful when you are cooking a couple of pieces (it is usually one thing the Amazon and Google audio system are in a position to).

You can additionally ask Siri to remind you to do one thing – you this may simply upload a reminder to your Reminders app for your iPhone or Mac, you received’t get an alert by means of the HomePod.

How to use play tune on HomePod the use of AirPlay

While the HomePod can circulate tune from the cloud, and basically that’s how your tune might be delivered if you are signed up to Apple Music or iTunes Match, you can additionally circulate at once out of your iPhone or iPad.

You can circulate any tune out of your iPhone or iPad to the HomePod. Here’s how:

  1. Open any tune app for your iPhone, iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, as an example.
  2. Find a observe or a playlist you need to play.
  3. Press play and then faucet at the AirPlay icon – it looks as if a triangle with loops popping out of it.
  4. If you can’t see the AirPlay icon, swipe up to display Control Centre for your iPhone or iPad.
  5. Press and dangle at the playback field till it opens in a separate window.
  6. Now faucet at the AirPlay icon within the best proper.
  7. Assuming your HomePod is ready up as it should be, you will see the HomePod posted as an audio output supply. Tap on it to transfer the audio to the HomePod.
  8. If you don’t see the HomePod right here it can be as a result of there may be a Firewall for your community.

We do have an in-intensity tutorials on enjoying Spotify playlists and enjoying tune from at the HomePod with out an Apple Music subscription.

How to use HomePod with Apple TV

You can additionally select to ship the audio out of your Apple TV to your HomePod.

  1. On your Apple TV move to Settings.
  2. Click on Video and Audio.
  3. Select Audio Output.
  4. Select the HomePod from the record of units.

You can additionally transfer output to the HomePod by means of the Apple TV far off.

  1. Go to the Apple TV house display screen.
  2. Press and dangle the Play/pause button at the Apple TV far off.
  3. HomePod will have to seem as one of the most tune choices.

Alternatively when you are enjoying video on Apple TV:

  1. Swipe down at the far off to divulge the data display screen.
  2. Next swipe to audio assets and select the HomePod

This most effective works with third-, fourth-era and 4K Apple TVs.

How to use HomePod to keep watch over HomeEquipment units

If you have HomeEquipment units you can keep watch over them from the HomePod. You simply want to set them up within the Home app.

Once a machine is added the Home app you can ask Siri to percentage details about it, or transfer it on or off.

For instance, if you have Phillips Hue HomeEquipment lighting fixtures within the kitchen, ask: “Hey Siri, flip the lighting fixtures on within the kitchen”.

How to exchange HomePod’s settings

You can regulate probably the most HomePod’s settings within the Home app at the iPhone – however there are a lot of barriers to what you can do.

  1. Open the Home app at the iPhone.
  2. Press and dangle at the HomePod field.
  3. Tap on Details.

If you need to exchange the identify of the HomePod, Tap at the phrase HomePod and sort within the new identify.

To exchange the Room the HomePod is related with, faucet on Room and choose between the dropdown menu. Apple comprises tips akin to Office, Living Room and Bedroom, however you can Create New if you need to create a other room. The thought of rooms is extra for the advantage of your different HomeEquipment units which you can additionally arrange to be in several rooms. We be expecting Apple is hoping you may need to purchase a couple of HomePods and position them in several rooms, if you did that, that is how you’d be in a position to inform which used to be which.

You can additionally exchange the Apple Music account arrange for the HomePod. Swipe down to the Music & Podcasts segment and faucet at the Account. Sign Out and Sign in once more with the brand new account.

If there are going to be children the use of the HomePod you can additionally select whether or not to Allow Explicit Content right here. Just transfer that slider from inexperienced to flip specific content material off.

For the similar reason why you may need to transfer Use Listening History off if you don’t need your child’s listening conduct influencing your Apple Music suggestions.

You can additionally tweak the Siri settings right here, as an example, exchange to the feminine model of Siri, or transfer to a other language (lately it’s most effective to be had in Australian, UK and US English however that are supposed to exchange within the coming months). Siri will do a higher process of working out you if you set the language to your native language – despite the fact that you select to transfer the voice to a one thing else.

Accessibility options can be grew to become on right here. These come with Voice Over and Touch Accommodations. If you activate Voice Over you will listen the identify of the controls you contact on best of the HomePod. Some of the contact gestures are other when you have Voice Over grew to become on. For instance, triple-tapping within the centre will skip the present music and quadruple-tapping will return to the former music. See above for info on gestures.

How to give others get entry to to your HomePod as a HomeHub

If you need people in your house to be in a position to keep watch over the HomeHub and your HomeEquipment equipment, open the Home app for your iPhone and at the first display screen faucet at the location icon within the best left.

  1. Swipe down to the People segment and faucet on Invite.
  2. Enter their touch data.
  3. Tap on Send Invite.

How to exchange the HomePod’s WiFi community

You can’t in reality get entry to HomePod settings that can permit you to exchange the Wi-Fi community it is hooked up too. But that shouldn’t be a drawback since the HomePod will routinely attach to the similar community because the iPhone or iPad you set it up with.

If Siri tells you that the HomePod isn’t hooked up to the similar community because the tool it used to be arrange with – this may increasingly occur when you are asking it to carry out a non-public motion, akin to learn your Messages, or upload to a Note – there is also a topic with the community the units are hooked up too. We discovered that we had been not able to use the HomePod for the ones sorts of movements within the Office due to the Firewall. Therefore, in case your HomePod is claiming it’s no longer at the identical community as your iPhone, we recommend you take a look at switching to every other community for your iPhone.

We have a educational on how to use your HomePod with out WiFi right here.

We have extra HomePod pointers right here.

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