Hidden Whatsapp Tricks You Should Know About in 2020

All of us use Facebook extensively but are we using it correctly? I am sure that you might have answered this question with ‘Yes’, but your answer is going to change by the end of this blog. The Facebook-owned mobile application has a but load of features that are not known by the user base. It is only innocent ignorance, but won’t be knowing everything Whatsapp is capable of fun? It surely was for me and that is why I wish to share my recently acquired insights with you all. So, allow me to make your life easier by 10 Hidden Whatsapp Tricks You didn’t Know.

1. Pin important chats

Don’t you just hate it that some of your chats get lost in the big pile of messages? To avoid such an issue and always find your important chats at the top. You can use the pin feature to fix them at the top. Just swipe to the right on a chat and you’ll find the option to pin it.

2. Find when a person viewed your message

Don’t you want to know at what time someone views your message? Well, you can find it out simply by long-pressing a message. Now press the ‘i’ icon in the top bar and you will find out the time someone viewed a message.

3. Hide a Chat 

Want to hide some chats from all the people who touch your phone. You can just hide it from the list of chats, by putting a chat on “Archive”. To do that just long-press a particular chat and chose the Archive button.

4. Mark messages with ‘answer later’

When you have read a text and don’t wish to reply to it. Just mark as unread’. To do that all you need to do is long-press a chat and select the option. Doing this won’t get rid of the blue tick, but act as a reminder for you to reply to the chat.

5. Set a different sound notification to chats

Don’t you wish you would know who texted you by the sound on the notification? In Android, you can set priority for different notifications coming from one app. You can access the option in ‘Notification Channels’.

6. Schedule Messages on Whatsapp

Yes, it is true. You can let go of remembering that you need to send a text just by scheduling a message. To do that, you need to install a third-party scheduling app compatible with Whatsapp. Give the accessibility permission and you are sorted for all birthdays.

7. Answer Whatsapp Messages Automatically

You can set an auto-reply for incoming messages in two ways. Either download a third-party app that sets auto-replies or download Whatsapp Business. Whatsapp business has a lot of professional features like an auto-reply. So, the second option mind comes in handy.

8. Delete texts after sending them

You might already know of this feature, but if you don’t. This is the most important trick among the 10 Hidden Whatsapp Tricks you’ll learn. You can long-press a message you sent and delete it within 5 minutes of sending it. Talk about competing with Snapchat.

9. Want to read messages that have been deleted

Don’t you sometimes wish to read the messages that your friends deleted with the above method? To do that you need to download a notification log app and give it access to WhatsApp notification. This will allow you to read messages that have been deleted on that app.

10. Hide your WhatsApp story from certain contacts

If you don’t want your boss or relatives to find out everything you do. You can easily hide your stories from them. To do that, go to the Account option in Whatsapp settings. Select Privacy and then Status. Now go for ‘My contacts except’ and choose as many contacts you want.

Bonus Hidden Whatsapp Trick: Make UPI Payments

Don’t you wish that you wouldn’t need so many apps on your phone? Well, WhatsApp heard your problem and came up with the option of UPI payments in the app. To send money from your WhatsApp app, just click on the attachment in a chat option. When you do that you will be redirected to the payment page, making your payment seamless.

This was the last among the top 10 Hidden Whatsapp Tricks that you must know. I sincerely hope these tricks will make your life easier. If you learned something new from this blog let us know in the comments.

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