How to Add Google Forms in WordPress Website

Google forms have always helped us collect information through feedbacks or surveys. This helps you connect better with your viewer or customer. Do you want to add one to your website as well?

Why Should you Embed a Google Form to Your Site?

All the data is easily stored in the Google Drive, so you can easily access the form and its responses. You can share this form on different websites or blogs and will easily get all the data in a single place.

They are not just easy to use and access but also responsive on all devices and systems; giving your user a better experience.

You can create a survey, feedback form, poll, contact form, registration form and many more types of forms using Google forms. It has numerous features like required fields, pre-filled responses and add-ons like timer which make it easier for you to create a form according to your requirements.

Now, let us see methods to add Google forms to your WordPress website.

  1. Adding Google forms without using WordPress plugins.

First, let us create a Google form. To do so, visit Google Form’s website.

You will see various template options; select one according to your requirements or create one from scratch.

Next, you need to provide a form title and description and select fields for your form.

We have created a ‘Student’s Feedback’ form, on the right side you will see list of fields you can add to your form. Next to the question you will be able to select the type of question.

The various types of questions available are short answers, paragraph, checkboxes, multiple choices, dropdown menu, upload file, date, etc. Hence you can add a wide range of questions to your site.

In the add-ons you can see, you can insert images or videos, upload files and add new sections as well.

Once, you have created a form as per your requirements you can preview the form once.

 Then click on the ‘Send’ button on the top right corner. You will see three options in front of ‘Send Via’. Select the third one ‘<>’ (Embed HTML) and copy the given embed code.

Next, create a new post in WordPress and paste the form’s link.

Save the post and preview the form on your website.

It is this simple to add a Google form to your site and connect with your viewers. However, adding Google form manually is easy but has the default style of Google. While creating a website one of the most important factors is consistency in style. Do you wish to add a form to your site which has the same CSS as your site and goes well with it?

To overcome all these drawbacks, we will show another method to add Google forms to your site.

Adding Google Form using a Plugin

First, install and activate the ‘Google Forms plugin’. For further details, check our article on ‘How to install WordPress plugins?’

Now you will see ‘Google Forms’ option in the admin area of your WordPress dashboard.

Click on ‘Add New Google Form’. Go back to the form you have created in Google forms by following the steps mentioned in the previous method.

Paste this URL in the Google form details.

Fill in the other details like style and class keeping in mind the style of your whole website.

Now, publish your form. You will see the short code of your form, simply copy it.

Further, like the previous method create a new post and name it according to your form.

Paste the short code of the form we copied previously.

Finally, like we always do save your post and preview it on your site. This time you will notice that form perfectly fits in with the styling of your website.


Google form is a very effective tool which helps us interact with our viewers. We have listed the various types of forms you can create for your website. Also, check various features of Google forms to add appropriate type of questions.

Also, it is important to understand the difference between forms which are manually embedded and through using the “Google Form” plugin. We would suggest using the plugin so the form goes with the styling of your site.

We hope this article helps you add google forms to your WordPress website. In case of queries, please leave a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Also, if you want us to cover a specific topic you can leave a comment for that as well.

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