How to Add Social Logins to Your WordPress Site

The traditional method of logging in to a website by filling the username, password and other details followed by a mail verification can put off your audience’s or customer’s interest in creating an account on your site. Instead, imagine creating an account by simply clicking on a button! Social logins allow your viewer to login to your website through your social media accounts like Google, Facebook, Instagram and others.

Why Add Social Logins to Your WordPress Website?

Social logins make your website user-friendly as it saves time and eases the process of creating accounts and logging in. This increases engagement of your website.

An e-commerce website or any business which requires memberships is determined to be good on the basis of number of people registering to your site. In such cases social logins work wonders as it is very convenient for the user.

This also reduces failed logins. For example, you create an account on a site and get back to it after a few weeks and forget the credentials like we all do. In such cases user tends to never get back to your site. But, if they had created an account through their social media accounts they would have easily logged in even if they return after months.

Now that you know why you should add social logins to your site let us see how to do so.

How to Add Social Login to your WordPress Website?

To add social media logins there are various plugins available in WordPress. Few of them are Super Socializer, RegistrationMagic, MiniOrange WordPress Social Login, BS Input, Nextend Social Login and there are many more available in the WordPress’s plugin directory.

We will be using the Super Socializer plugin in our article.

First, we will install and activate the Super Socializer plugin. For further details check our article on “How to install plugins in WordPress?

Now, you will see ‘Super Socializer’ option in the admin area of your dashboard.

Click on Super Socializer >> Social Logins and enable the Social Logins option.

On enabling the social login option, you will see a list of social network options. Select the ones you wish to add. For instance, we enable the Google login feature from the list.

Now, let us connect our website to Google. To do so, we need details like ‘Google Client ID’ and ‘Google Client Secret’

To obtain these details go to ‘Google Developers Console’ () and login to your Google account.

Click on “Create Project” and add a name to your project.

Next, go to ‘OAuth Consent Screen’ and write your project name in the Application Name section. Further, in the Authorized domains fill in the URL of your website.

Then, click on the ‘Save’ button followed by the ‘Create Credentials’ >> ‘OAuth Client ID’.

In the Application type select “Web Application” and in ‘Authorized Redirect URLs’ copy and paste the URL of your website.

Finally click on ‘Create’ button and you will get the details you require.

Now, copy the client ID and client secret and paste it in WordPress. Save the changes to connect Google to your website.

Further in ‘Advanced Configuration’ select where you want to display your social logins.

Finally click on ‘Save Changes’ and now you will see a Google icon on the login page or checkout page of your site.

How to Add Facebook Login to your WordPress Website?

Note: To add Facebook login to your site you need to have SSL on your site.

Let us first enable the Facebook login in Super Socializer. In the WordPress dashboard go to Super Socializer >> Social Logins and enable the Facebook login

To connect Facebook to our site, again we need the ‘Facebook App ID’ and ‘Facebook App Secret’. To gain this information go to Facebook for Developers page and login to your Facebook account.

Click on ‘Get Started’ >> ‘Next’ >> ‘Others’ >> ‘Create First App’.

Now you will have to enter an app name and click on ‘Create App ID’.

Next, set up the ‘Facebook’ login option and select ‘Web’.

In the next step, enter your website’s URL and save the details.

Go to Settings >> Basic and you will get the required details of Facebook App ID’ and ‘Facebook App Secret’.

Copy and paste these details in Super Socializer in WordPress and save the changes. On doing so you will get a notification saying add this URL to your Facebook settings. Copy this URL.

You will see a ‘Facebook Login’ option on your page, click on it followed by ‘Settings’. In the settings paste the URL in the Valid OAuth Redirect URLs. By clicking on ‘Save Changes’ you have successfully connected Facebook to your website.

Finally to activate Facebook login WordPress requires your websites privacy policy link.

In Facebook login >> Settings simply paste the URL of your privacy policy’s page.

Now you can preview your login page and you will see a Facebook icon along with Google.

We hope this article helps you to enable social login for your WordPress website. In case of queries, please leave a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Also, if you want us to cover a specific topic you can leave a comment for that as well.

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