How to Add Text to Speech in WordPress

Why Should You Add Text to Speech To Your WordPress Website

Some users prefer listening to the blogs/articles rather than reading the elongated paragraphs. With the help of the Text to Speech feature, one can listen to the content while traveling and exercising. Also, adding an audio version helps visually impaired users. This article explains how you can convert any text into natural-sounding speech.

You can easily add Text to speech on your WordPress website with the help of plugins. To install and activate plugins in WordPress, Go to Dashboard → Plugins → Click on Add New → Search for the Plugin → Install and Activate.

ResponsiveVoice Text To Speech

You can easily set up this free plugin and listen to any post/page. ResponsiveVoice is a HTML 5 based text to speech library which allows unlimited text to speech features on your wordpress website. It gives easy access to content for website users. This plugin supports 51 languages through 168 voices.

All you have to do is, add shortcodes to place the listen button anywhere in the text of your page/post. Go to edit page/post, click on add block, select shortcode. Add the code in the text editor and click on Update.

Shortcode to read the entire page/post :

[responsivevoice_button voice="UK English Female" buttontext="Listen to Post"]

Shortcode to read specific text :

[responsivevoice voice="UK English Female" buttontext="Listen to this"] A button to read only the text surrounded by these shortcodes. [/responsivevoice] 

This tag supports parameters such as voice and buttontext. You can select voice using “voice” parameter and change the text displayed on play button using “buttontext” parameter.

Shortcode to listen to the entire page.

ResponsiveVoice audio button displayed on your webpage. Tap to start/stop speech.

Shortcode to listen to specific text .

ResponsiveVoice audio button displayed on your webpage. Tap to start/stop speech.

You can place the audio button after the text by using “buttonposition” parameter. By default, the value is before.

Trinity Audio

This is a free plugin used to listen to posts on your WordPress website. You can convert only posts from text to speech. After installing and activating the plugin, Trinity Audio tab will be available in your WordPress admin.

You can configure General settings (Language and Gender), Player Settings (Position and Label) and Textual settings here.

Go to Post → Edit Post → Scroll to bottom of the page → Configure Trinity Audio Settings → Update post

Player displayed on your webpage.

GSpeech – Text to speech solution

GSpeech is a free and premium plugin which allows you to listen to selected text on your webpage. A speaker appears after the user selects the part of content they want to listen to. It has a feature to set greeting audio for users and even to listen menus.This plugin allows you to set custom style and language for each text to speech block.

After activating the plugin, you will find the ‘GSpeech’ tab in your WordPress admin panel. You can configure the basic settings here. Also, you can customize text to speech blocks in the Style Options section.

You will see a Speaker, after selecting the content of the webpage.

Premium services offered by GSpeech – Text to speech solution plugin :

  1. No CopyRight (No backlink behind the speaker)
  2. Unlimited TTS blocks (1 in free version)
  3. Multi Lang support
  4. Different languages on same page


WebsiteVoice is a free and premium service plugin.You can convert your website articles into high quality audio and also customize text to speech button easily using free service. First you have to create an account here using your WordPress website and email.

After creating an account, websitevoice dashboard will appear. You can customize the text to speech button and automatically code will be generated in the Installation section. Copy that javascript code.

Then Install and activate the WebsiteVoice plugin. You can find the WebsiteVoice Widget under the Settings section. Paste the javascript code in the text field which you copied before from WebsiteVoice Dashboard . Click on Save Changes.

Text to speech button will appear on your webpage.

Premium services offered by WebsiteVoice plugin :

  1. No audio or text ads and Removal of WebsiteVoice watermark
  2. Additional voice and Accessibility features
  3. Faster audio conversion
  4. Custom text at the beginning and end
  5. MP3 audio downloads.

SpeechKit – Audio Articles

Speechkit provides high-quality text to speech and also allows audio hosting and mp3 downloads. It automatically converts articles into audio articles as soon as they are published. To use SpeechKit you have to create an account.

Create a new project and select WordPress. Enter your website name and URL and choose Language, Voice for audio. Then you have to copy the API key and Project ID. You will need this to activate SpeechKit WordPress Plugin. Don’t forget to save your project settings.

After activating the SpeechKit plugin, go to the Settings section of your WordPress admin panel. You will find a new option – SpeechKit. Paste the API Key and Project ID and click on Save settings.

We hope this article helps you to add Text to Speech feature on your WordPress website. In case of queries, please leave a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Also, if you want us to cover a specific topic you can leave a comment for that as well.

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