How to Automatically Skip Netflix Intros in your Chrome Browser

It is the winter season and we know how we wish to spend it; wrapped around in a soft blanket binging on our favourite shows. What could be more perfect, right? Well, you can always improve a situation and that includes your comfort binging. Yes, you can be even more comfortable while Netflixing this winter by saying bye to the need of sticking your hand out of the blanket after every episode. This is possible when your browser automatically skips the intro of shows for you, ensuring you are warm in your blanket cocoon. The use of chrome extensions will make your life easy while Netflixing. Learn how to automatically skip Netflix intros in Chrome.

Netflix AutoSkip

Netflix Auto Skip is a no-nonsense extension that can help you skip recaps and intros without lifting a finger. Add the extension to your chrome browser through the official Chrome web store. If you have never done this before, following is the procedure to add extensions to your chrome browser.

To add an extension to your chrome, head to the Chrome Webstore or simply google the same of the extension and click on the first Chrome Webstore result. You will find an “Add to Chrome” button next to the name of the Extension. Click on the button and a pop up will appear. Choose “Add Extension” and after a few seconds, you will find a new extension on the top right corner of your chrome browser.

If you want a tad more with your extension and don’t like waiting the five seconds to send you to the next episode. You can go for a similar extension to automatically skip Netflix intros in Chrome mentioned below.

Netflix Auto Skip: Skip intro and outro

Netflix AutoSkip is one of the most useful Chrome extension for streamlining your Netflix experience. You can find the extension of Chrome Webstore and add it to your browser and it takes care of the rest. 

The primary features of the Netflix AutoSkip extension are as follows:

– The extension automatically skips intro and recaps, eliminating the need to click on the skip button.

–  Another useful feature is that the extension directly plays the next episode without waiting for the next episode button.

If these features are not enough for you and you are looking for more, then keep reading.

Never Ending Netflix

Though the last extension might be enough for many, if you take your comfort seriously it is no surprise that you want more features. Never Ending Netflix is an extension available at the Chrome Webstore that not only lets you skip intros and recaps, but does a lot more. The notable features of the extension are mentioned below.

  • The first is being able to automatically skip Netflix intros
  • You can customise if you want your Netflix to automatically play the next episode or always watch the credits. Cool, right?
  • The extension also allows you to skip the popups that ask if you’re “Still here?” after 8 hours
  • You can search over 3000 genres from the options page.
  • Most importantly, you can disable autoplay of shows on the home page.

Netflix™ Extended

If none of the above extensions satisfies your need to be in control of your OTT experience without affecting your experience then try the extension that has it all. You can add the Netflix™ Extended to your Chrome browser and have complete control over your binging experience. This is because the extension offers the following features.

  • You can click on the extension icon to open Netflix in the next tab.
  • It allows you to hide all title story description to avoid spoilers and obviously lets you skip recaps and intros
  • Change the settings on the extension to hide disliked titles and can even stop annoying trailers on the Home Page.
  • You can easily disable or enable all extension features by clicking on the extension status icon in a video player.
  • You can change extension behaviour,  via an icon that is shown when hovering on extension status icon or in browser extension management page
  • Netflix™ Extended will try to automatically recover if it stops working or updates itself
  •  Every option can be changed directly from Netflix™ page via extension status information bubble options button
  • If configured, the extension will auto-disable itself on Kids profile.

A lot more can be done on the Netflix™ Extended and you can find more about it once you start using it.

We recommend you to select an extension from 1 to 4 according to the level of customisation you require. Netflix AutoSkip for the least and Netflix™ Extended to customise everything on your OTT platform.

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