How to Boost iPhone Privacy with Some Easy Tweaks

The iPhone device is one of the safest mobile phones in the market. It has gained this reputation due to the user privacy protection that the device offers. The iPhone unlike many other mobile phones in the market doesn’t read and use most of the user’s data. Still, there is scope for improvement iPhone privacy can be improved in a lot of areas. Limiting the data you share with your phone can be changed manually in different ways. This will ensure that your iPhone privacy is up to the mark. Let us learn how to boost iPhone privacy in 5 easy ways.

1. Control Location setting

iPhone mostly asks you about sharing your Location setting with the new apps that you start using. You might pay attention to some of these prompts while ignoring many. Though it is important to share your location with certain apps like the Maps, you don’t have to share it with every other application on your phone. To change the setting and disallowing certain inbuilt and downloaded apps to use your location, you have to:

  1. Go to the Settings.
  2. Click on Privacy Settings and choose location services.
  3. From here you can manage the apps that get your location data and the ones that don’t.

2. Stop Sending diagnostic data to Apple

Whenever you update your iOS, you might have observed a prompt asking your permission to; ‘Collect some data and Share it to Apple’. You might’ve allowed the same without giving it a thought. Apple here collects data of your usage to fix bugs and improve the speed of your phone’s operations. You might want to stop sharing this data with Apple and to do that all you have to do is:

  1. Go to the Settings and then Privacy.
  2. Under Privacy select Analytics and Improvements.
  3. Now, you can disable the Share iPhone Analytics via the slider.

There are two other options in the Analytics and Improvement menu which can be shut down.
You can turnoff Improve Siri and dictation to prevent the apple from tracking your Siri’s data.
There is an option of Share iCloud Analytics which can be turned off to prevent any iCloud related data.

3. Disable Site Tracking on Safari

You can reduce the amount of data that the various websites you visit on a daily basis collect. Tweaking privacy for Safari becomes essential as not every website can be trusted with the variety of data that Safari has access to. To change privacy settings on Safari :

  1. Open Settings and then Safari
  2. Now, Enable Prevent Cross-Site tracking to prevent third-party cookies from tracking you.
  3. You can also change the settings in Tabs to close multiple tabs after a set period of time.

Under the tips on how to boost iPhone privacy, Safari is the most crucial. So, ensure that you change anything else in the setting that can be threatening to your privacy.

4. Change Mic, Camera and other App Permissions

Under the Privacy settings in your settings menu, there are various settings that can be changed to boost iPhone privacy. Start with the Microphone, reviewing the apps that have permission to access the mic and disable any app that you don’t need. The same goes for photos. You will find that many apps on your phone have permission to Read and Write photos. This can be changed to never for certain third-party apps. Just turn off permissions for the apps that you don’t think to need to view your photos or access your mic.

5. Disable Personalised advertising on your device

Yes, your iPhone shares your personal information like your age, gender, location and devices information to show you personalised ads. The Apple ad platform has your relevant information which can be disabled to boost iPhone privacy. These ads are not tracking your web usage but specific information, but if you don’t wish even that to be shared. So, here’s how to disable it:

  1. Go to Privacy settings under Settings.
  2. Select Apple Advertising at the end of the page.
  3. Slide the Limit ad tracking option to stop your data from being shared for advertisements.

All of these changes in settings are easy to find and implement and help you boost iPhone privacy. Just make sure to not implement any changes that can interfere with the comfort of using your device.

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