How to Change Slide Size in Powerpoint

PowerPoint permits you to structure and provide the content material of your slides in alternative ways. If you wish to have to print out or show your PowerPoint slides in a larger or smaller-than-average length, you’ll alternate the slide sizes to fit.

Changing PowerPoint Slide Sizes

PowerPoint has two not unusual slide sizes. The first, 4:3, is a great choice when you’re the use of older {hardware} to provide your slides. If you’re making plans on presenting your PowerPoint presentation the use of a contemporary projector or show, then the 16:Nine slide length must be your most well-liked selection.

By default, PowerPoint will default to the 16:Nine facet slide. To print your slides (complete length, one in step with web page), you’ll most likely want to use a customized slide length, somewhat than this sort of choices.

Switching to every other length is fortunately a very simple procedure—open your PowerPoint presentation to start after which click on the “Design” tab at the ribbon bar.

Press the Design tab on the ribbon bar in PowerPoint

In the “Customize” phase of the “Design” tab, make a selection the “Slide Size” button. This will show the 2 not unusual slide sizes in a drop-down menu.

Click both the “Standard (4:3)” or “Widescreen (16:9)” choice to transfer all your PowerPoint slides to that length.

Selecting a slide size in PowerPoint

Unfortunately, it isn’t imaginable to use more than one slide sizes in a PowerPoint presentation. Just as when you have been making PowerPoint slides vertical, any adjustments you are making to your PowerPoint slide sizes will practice to all slides.

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Changing to a Custom PowerPoint Slide Size

It’s imaginable to use a customized PowerPoint slide length if the default 4:Three or 16:Nine choices are fallacious. You would possibly make a selection to use a customized slide length when you’re printing full-size PowerPoint slides the use of a customized web page structure, as an example.

To do that, make a selection Design > Slide Size > Custom Slide Size to show the “Slide Size” choices menu.

To set a custom PowerPoint slide size, press Design > Slide Size > Custom Slide Size.

Various preset slide sizes, corresponding to A3 or A4 paper sizes, are proven beneath the “Slides Sized For” drop-down menu.

Select this sort of preset choices, or set your slide dimensions manually the use of the “Width” and “Height” choice containers. From there, click on the “OK” button to save.

Set your custom slide size options, then press OK to save

If you’re cutting down to a smaller length, PowerPoint will ask you the way it must deal with any slide content material.

Choose “Maximize” if you wish to have the slide contents to stay at a equivalent scale, however with the danger that one of the most content material could also be minimize. Alternatively, click on “Ensure Fit” to scale the slide contents down in length to fit the brand new slide length with out shedding any content material.

Choose the "Maximize" or "Ensure Fit" option.

Once stored, the customized slide length you decided on will likely be in an instant carried out to all your slides, with slide content material being resized or minimize to fit.

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