How to check if your Macbook Pro is Eligible under Free Battery Recall Program!

Recently Apple had determined recall of many units of MacBook Pro especially the 15 inches screen size variant sold between the time period of September 2015-February 2017. The battery in these Macbooks had a manufacturing defect and these batteries tend to overheat causing a safety hazard for the users.

This battery hazard situation started with an incident that happened with one of the musicians. The musician who was known by the name “White Panda” shared a photo. The photo shared shows that his MacBook Pro was emitting fumes from the back and later burst into flames. This triggered the incident and many more users reported similar issues. Upon further investigation, Apple addressed the issue and ordered a recall of the affected models.

You can get it checked and if eligible you can get your Macbook Pro repaired for free by visiting an Authorized Apple Service Center or contacting Apple via phone support. This is applicable if you have a 15-inch MacBook Pro model purchased between 2015-17. It is important to check that your model is protected from the fire safety risk of batteries. So, if you don’t know how to check your Retina MacBook Pro. Here’s how Apple suggests you check your laptop if it’s affected or safe from battery overheating issues.

How to check if your MacBook Pro’s battery is affected & recalled

You might also have bought 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro in mid-2015 and your device might be affected by the battery overheating issue. Instead of taking risks, Apple is recalling the affected units and you can get it repaired for free even if your Macbook is out of warranty.

First of all, if you want to check that your MacBook Pro is affected by fire safety risk or not. The most important aspect is you need to know the serial number of your MacBook pro.

  1. For serial numbers, start by clicking on the Apple menu at the upper-left corner of your Mac. Followed by tapping on the “About This Mac” heading in the menu. A dialog box will appear with all the details of the particular model. Copy the serial number from there.
About This Mac
  • To check your MacBook Pro is safe or has been recalled by Apple. Head to Apple’s recall website. Enter the serial number in the box that you have copied from your MacBook dialog box.
check if your MacBook Pro's battery is affected
  • If your device has been affected by the fire safety risk. Apple will notify you to instantly stop its usage and visit the support center of Apple.

Note: If your unit is affected, then Apple Service Center will replace the battery for free and this whole process might take about 2 weeks to complete depending upon the availability.

How to Check your Macbook Pro Model Number?

To know if you are eligible for Macbook Pro battery replacement or not, you need to make sure that you have the 15-inch Retina Macbook Pro that is purchased between 2015 -2017. In case you are not sure about the model number of your Macbook Pro we have a way using which you can find out yourself.

  1. You need to click on the Apple logo at the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Under the menu click on “About This Mac
  3. A popup will be shown on the screen with all the details. If the model comes back as “MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) you need to get in touch with the Apple Support Center or Authorised Service Center to get the battery replaced. You can also find your serial number at this popup window.

If you also have the affected 15-inch MacBook Pro model. It is important for you to get it repaired under the Apple recall program. As per this recall program, you will get your defected battery replaced and save your MacBook from fire safety risk. 

Also make sure to backup all your data before submitting your Macbook Pro for battery replacement as you might loose your data during the repair process.

Here’s the complete guide on How to check if your Macbook Pro is Eligible under Free Battery Recall Program!

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