How To Check Whether Someone Blocked You On Instagram

All social media platforms including Instagram do not notify people when they get blocked by a user. But when someone’s post and stories stop appearing on the Instagram feed, then one may guess that someone might have blocked them.

It may also happen that the person has stopped posting anything on the platform, or they have deactivated their account. Also, people, in order to protect themselves, might have blocked someone.

How To Find That Someone Has Blocked You On Instagram

There are no direct ways to know, but there are some simple and easy ways to decode the block affair. Here are a few ways using which you can find out if someone has blocked you on Instagram.

1. Through Searching The Profile

Using the Instagram search feature, type in the name of the person you want to find. This is the best way to know whether the person has blocked you or not. The outcome can be a result of the listed three options:

  • In the case of public profiles, if you can see their posts and photos, then they have not blocked you. In the case of a private account, if you see ‘This Account is Private,’ then no need to worry about as everything is alright.
  • If the profile did not appear at all in the search, then either the user has deactivated the account, or they might have blocked you.

2. Check The Profile

When you cannot access the person through their profile using search, then try to get them accessible through the old comments from your profile. If their profile shows without the posts, followers count, and no display name, then yes, the user has blocked your profile.

3. Try accessing the Profile using Web Browser

By using any one of the browsers, with the link, and logging into your Instagram account you can visit their Instagram profiles. Now search for the user, if you can’t locate the profile using the search feature, you can access the profile using the older comments and on clicking the user if you get a message of ‘This page isn’t available,’ then you can be sure that you are blocked by that particular user.

Though there is a little chance that the user has deactivated his/her account. To clear this confusion, log out from your own profile first and then log in using some other Instagram account or create a new one. Try to access the profile through the link or search for the user. If you can view or access the profile, then it definitely means that you are blocked by that user. Otherwise, you are safe.

4. Disappearance Of Messages

If you are wondering that someone has blocked you, then open Direct Message and search for their chat. If the thread is missing, then there is a possibility that the person has blocked you.

To verify your doubts, you can check the common groups on the platform. By opening a group chat, if you are able to see their profile in the group but cannot find the person on the platform then the user has blocked you from the platform.

5. Again Try To Follow

If by somehow you can see their profile, then tap on the Follow button, and in case you are blocked by that user, then you can not follow that person.

6. Check From A Different Profile Or Phone

The painless and easy way to check whether you are blocked is to check from another account in case you have two. In case you have a single account, then ask your family or close friend to look for the profile. Now search for the user from another account and if you can find that person using the search or by accessing the profile from old comments and conversations then that means you are blocked by the user.


Though in general, no notification will come to you from Instagram, if you get blocked by someone, you can follow these methods to satisfy your doubts about being blocked by someone. Even if someone blocks you, then their Direct Message conversation will be disappeared. So, verify your confusion by following the above-mentioned steps.

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