How To Completely Reset MacBook Pro (All Variants) Without Losing Data!

Whether you are selling your old MacBook Pro or upgrading to a new Mac, it is advised to perform a reset before handing over because it’s possible that your MacBook still has important information that can be accessed by someone else.

So today we are sharing with you a comprehensive guide on how to reset MacBook Pro completely and easily.

Steps To Successfully Reset Your MacBook Pro:

1. Have You Backed Up Your Data?

Before proceeding to reset your Mac you must have a recent backup of your files if in case you haven’t already. So that if you begin the rest process all your data will be deleted.

If you are buying a new MacBook and planning on keeping the old one with you, then you can take advantage of the Migration Assistant. With the Migration Assistant, all your data from the old Mac will be transferred to the new Mac.

Migration Assistant

2. Deauthorize And Sign out From iTunes

Once your MacBook is backed up, you will need to deauthorize iTunes on your Mac. Doing so is important because iTunes uses your Apple ID to sync your music, podcasts, photos, books, audio recordings, etc. Therefore, in order to completely wipe your personal data, you’ll need to Sign Out of iTunes.

If you are running on macOS Mojave or earlier, click on Account on the menu bar or from the iTunes window. Next, click on Authorizations and select Deauthorize This Computer. After clicking, you’ll be required to enter your Apple ID and password, to deregister your Mac with your Apple ID.

3. Say Good-Bye To iCloud On The Old Mac

Just the way you have unlinked your iTunes on Mac with your Apple ID, you’ll need to do the same for the iCloud. On your Mac, iCloud is the heart of your personal pictures and videos, etc. So you should not leave anything behind for someone’s access.

To Sign out from the iCloud running on macOS Mojave or earlier, you need to click on Apple Menu. Then under System Preferences click on iCloud. Now click on Sign Out.

If you are using macOS Catalina or later, then you’ll have to click on Apple Menu. Under System Preferences, click on Apple ID. Next, from the sidebar select Overview and click on Sign Out.

Don’t worry, nothing from your iCloud account will be deleted. All of your memories will be there and can be accessed on any Apple device using the same Apple ID.

4. Sign Out iMessage On Your MacBook

If you also have an iPhone then odds of using iMessage on your Mac will be quite high. Therefore, you should completely get rid of the messages on your MAC before selling it out to someone. So that if you had some important messages the new user will not be able to access those.

To Sign Out from iMessage, head over to the Messages app, and then choose Messages. Now, on the menu bar click on Preferences. Select iMessage and click on Sign Out. By doing this, only Messages on your Mac will be deleted.

5. Clear User Settings

When you are using your Mac, deep down inside the machine there is some vital information and user settings that the mac stores for its optimum working. Such information is not easily accessible by a normal user however why to take the risk of keeping it there for someone else. So it’s better to clean it out completely.

To clear user settings, you first need to shut down the Mac. While turning it back on, you have to press a sequence of buttons like Option, Command, P, and R. Press and hold the keys for around 20 seconds. Additionally, it will enable the security settings that you might have disabled while using the Mac.

6. Reinstall macOS For The New User

Once your data backup is done, iTunes, iCloud, iMessage are signed out, user settings are deleted. Now what’s left is the reinstallation of the macOS for the new user.

Performing fresh installation of macOS will delete everything that was on the Mac earlier. By that, you can rest assured that your MacBook now has nothing that relates to you. Once the installation is done, Your MacBook will start the setup process just like a brand new Mac.

If you are going to sell it or give it to someone, you don’t need to perform the setup process. You can press the Command+Q button to turn off the machine so that the next user will set up the Mac as per their preference.

reset MacBook Pro without losing data

So that’s it!

Now you know how to reset MacBook Pro successfully. If you have followed the above methods correctly, then there is no way any of your personal data is left behind on the MacBook before selling or trading it for a new one.

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