Make Ringtone for iPhone using GarageBand – 2020

GarageBand provides you with the opportunity to use your creative prowess and use them as ringtones and notification alerts on your mobile device, instead of using the regular tunes. You will be independent of google play or iTunes and yet be unique among your friends. 

The following steps will quench your queries regarding how to make a ringtone on GarageBand.

Step 1: Install GarageBand on your iPhone or android mobile device. You can download it from the respective app stores. You can also search the web as ‘GarageBand ringtone 2020’ for knowing more about the app. 

Step 2: Select the song or tune which you want as your Ringtone. Any song which suitably describes and represents you as to be an appropriate selection. There’s no need to brainstorm. Sometimes spontaneity adds that extra zing. Just click the + sign in the top left corner and confirm that you want to create a new song.

Select the song

Now there are a couple of ways in which you can use GarageBand to formulate your next unique Ringtone. You can either use the on-screen piano keyboard, for instance. Try to utilize your inner musical genius and conjure up a short tune. You can also take the help of certain YouTube tutorials for this. Another way is to use an existing song and use a snippet from it.

Step 1: While using the online piano keyboard, you can also use other instruments simultaneously, for example, the drums for beats. You can create a short 30 seconds tune and play it on loop seamlessly. You will find ample options to make your melody sound sweet.

Step 2: After you are done with making the tune, and you are happy with how it has turned out to be, click the upside-down triangle on the top left corner of your phone’s screen. Subsequently, save the track, and you can then return to your GarageBand home screen.

Step 3: You can also use an existing song or a tune. Add the desirable soundtrack to GarageBand by clicking the + sign.

Step 4: Position your soundtrack properly. You have to make sure that the beginning of the song is as far left as possible. Once the track head is placed properly, you can use the various options to edit your track.

Step 5: You can chop and trim and readjust the length of the soundtrack according to your choice. Once you have attained the desired duration, delete the additional parts, keeping the appropriate length of the track.

Export your soundtrack: 

Step1: Next, you need to export your sound clip or the Ringtone. To save the new Ringtone, click on the Select option on the top right corner.

Step2: After the selection, click on the Share icon on the top left corner of the screen.

Step3: You will next be presented with a window with various options. Select the bell icon, which signifies Ringtone. 

Step4: Next, you have to name your Ringtone and then select Export.

Step5: It is usual for the process to take a few moments. After the export process is completed, you shall again be presented with a dialogue box stating that Export is successful and ‘Use sound as..’ option.

Step6: Touch ‘Use sound as..’ and select the type of alert tune you want to use this particularly soundtrack which you have just created.

So these were some tips and tricks which you can utilize to create your favorite Ringtone with the GarageBand app. In case you have some issues regarding GarageBand ringtone not working, you can always submit your query to the developers, and they will assist you all the time. 

That’s it. It is that simple and fun-filled. Hope you will find this article useful and lucid. Goodluck with your next creation. 

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