How to Create an Image Gallery in WordPress

Every website features at least one image gallery as it makes your site more interactive and presentable for the user.

It is an easy job to insert an image in your blog or webpage. However, when it comes to inserting multiple images, simply inserting is not the best choice as a user will not prefer scrolling down. Adding a gallery makes all the inserted images in a grid format (rows and columns). This saves space on your page and makes it more organised.

It is very convenient to add a gallery in WordPress if we follow a few simple steps.

Ways to add image gallery in your webpage:

  • Using the built-in feature of WordPress.
  • By installing a gallery plugin.

Using the Built-in feature of WordPress for Inserting a Gallery

You can create a new page for your gallery or simply add a gallery to an existing page.

Step 1-

On the dashboard of WordPress click on “Posts” and then “Add new”; select the gallery button.

Now, a gallery block is inserted in your editor.

Step 2-

Click on the upload button to add images to your gallery. You can add one or multiple at a time.

You can also add caption to your image for better understanding of the user.

Step 3-

Before adding the gallery to your page, we can edit it by clicking on the “Edit now” option in the sidebar.

We can put titles, captions and add alternate text for images in our gallery.

Then you go to the block setting panel where you can make various changes in your gallery.

Few of the important changes that you can make here would be :-

  • Size of the images in gallery.
  • Number of columns in each row.
  • Link to –
    • If you select the “Media File” option your images will be clickable (will open when clicked on them).
    • If you select “Attach Page” you will go to the attached page on clicking on the image.
    • If you select “None” then the gallery will be for viewing purpose only for the user.

Once you are done with the entire settings click on “Publish” button and check the preview of your gallery in your website.

Step 4 –

Even though your gallery will look beautiful on the site, adding a gallery through this method has its own drawbacks. When you click on an image, if you want to view the next image you have to go back to the webpage and click on the next one, which is quite difficult to do every time.

To make it more user-friendly we can add a feature called “lightbox”. It helps you view the next image by a single click.

To do so, we simply install a plugin called “WP Featherlight”. If you face difficulties in installing it, you can check our article on “How to install Plugins”.

Simply activate the plugin after installation and your gallery will have the lightbox feature.

There are various paid and unpaid plugins available for the lightbox feature.

You have successfully added an image gallery to your webpage.

Inserting a Gallery using a Plugin

There are many plugins available in the market for this purpose. Few of the frequently used ones are –

One of the most recommended plugin for this purpose is “Envira Gallery” plugin.

This plugin has a lot of pre-installed features like lightbox which make it easier to make your gallery look good. It is faster than the first method and has good variety of gallery templates available.

You have to simply install and activate it and then change a few settings. In order to learn how to install plugins in WordPress please refer to the “How to Install a Plugin in WordPress. Step by Step Guide for Beginners” article.

Next upload images, add captions, titles, change grid layout and do other settings in configuration tab, like we saw in the previous method.

In the light box section you can leave the settings to default as they work for most of the sites.

Finally add your gallery to your desired webpage by selecting “Envira Gallery” in the Add new tab and select your gallery from the drop down menu.

If your website includes more number of galleries then you should work with this option as it is faster and more convenient.

We hope this article helps you to add image gallery in your WordPress website. In case of queries, please leave a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Also, if you want us to cover a specific topic you can leave a comment for that as well.

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