How to Create and Customize a WordPress Child Theme

With everybody world wide self-isolating, it’s vital to be sure that your web site is as optimized as conceivable. Now greater than ever, you wish to have folks to come to the web site and stick round.

With WordPress, you’ll simply customise any side of your web site, together with the theme you utilize. However, tweaking its code at once will also be dangerous, and chances are you’ll lose your adjustments while you replace it. Using a little one theme, you run none of the ones dangers.

A kid theme is mainly a reproduction of its ‘father or mother’. You can set one up reasonably briefly and with this way, you’ll edit your theme safely. Plus, you received’t lose any of the adjustments you’ve made, even all the way through an replace.

In this text, we’ll dig deeper into why you will have to be the usage of little one topics for customized construction. Then we’ll display you the way to create one in a few easy steps. Let’s get to paintings!

The Benefits of Using a Child Theme

A kid theme is a template that imports the manner of its father or mother. For all sensible functions, it’s a reproduction of the unique, simplest you’ll make adjustments to it with out affecting the latter.

Let’s say, for instance, you wish to have to adjust your theme’s purposes.php report to upload a new characteristic. You dig into its code, make the important adjustments, and the whole thing works completely.

Soon after, then again, a new model of your theme is launched. Naturally, you bounce on the likelihood to set up it because it’s all the time smart to replace your WordPress elements.

However, updating the theme overwrites the adjustments you’ve made to its core recordsdata. The new characteristic you added to purposes.php is long gone and you may have to get started everywhere once more.

Alternatively, you must create a little one theme and edit its purposes.php report as an alternative. When the replace is launched, you’ll practice it to the father or mother theme and your adjustments will probably be preserved.

Not simplest does it make for a a lot cleaner construction procedure, nevertheless it’s additionally more secure for checking out new functionalities. After all, when you ruin the rest, you’ll merely deactivate the kid theme and get started over.

How to Create and Customize a Child Theme (In 5 Steps)

Creating a little one theme is modest, however there are a few steps concerned. To observe alongside, you’ll want a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) consumer akin to FileZilla. Once you’ve put in it and have your credentials in hand, you’re simply 5 steps away.

Step 1: Create a Folder for Your Child Theme

Every theme you put in in WordPress units up its personal folder for your server, which accommodates all of the recordsdata it wishes to paintings. You can to find those directories by way of the usage of FTP to navigate to wp-content/topics:

Accessing wp-content/themes via FTP with FileZilla.

One of those folders belongs to your lively theme. Take notice of its identify, then create a new listing. For this instructional, we’ve referred to as ours twentytwenty-child since we’re going to be the usage of Twenty Twenty because the father or mother theme:

A child theme folder in FileZilla.

You can observe the stairs on this publish the usage of any father or mother theme you wish to have. The identify you put for its little one doesn’t make any technical distinction both. However, it is helping if it’s one thing that’s simple to determine.

Step 2: Set Up a genre.css File

Next, we’re going to arrange the report that WordPress makes use of to acknowledge new topics. It’s referred to as genre.css and because the identify implies, it accommodates all of the CSS types in your web site.

For now, create a new report inside your little one theme listing and identify it genre.css. Once it’s in a position, right-click on it and make a choice View/Edit:

Editing the child theme style.css file.

This will open the report together with your native textual content editor. Right now, it will have to be empty. Copy the next code and paste it inside your little one theme’s genre.css report, then customise the placeholders:

Theme Name: Twenty Twenty Child 
Theme URL:
Description: My first little one theme, I'm so proud.
Theme Author: John Doe
Author URL:
Template: twentytwenty 
Version: 1.0.0 
Text Domain: twentytwenty-child 

Replace each and every example of the father or mother theme’s identify with the only you’re the usage of. You’ll additionally need to come with your individual area and data, then save the adjustments to genre.css and shut it.

Step 3: Import the Parent Theme’s Styles and Scripts

For your little one theme to retain its father or mother’s genre and capability, you wish to have to import all of the code that makes it paintings. You can do that via a procedure referred to as ‘enqueueing’.

To get began, arrange a new report referred to as purposes.php inside your little one theme’s listing. Then open it and paste the next code inside:

add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'enqueue_parent_styles' );
serve as enqueue_parent_styles() {
   wp_enqueue_style( 'parent-style', get_template_directory_uri().'/genre.css' );

Save the adjustments to purposes.php. You’ll understand that this code doesn’t specify the rest in regards to the father or mother theme. That’s as a result of we already outlined the template it wishes to import after we edited the genre.css report.

Here’s how your little one theme folder will have to glance now:

Updated child theme folder.

Technically, you must reach the similar end result by way of copying and pasting the contents of the father or mother theme’s purposes.php report. However, with that way, you’d want to adjust the codebase manually each and every time an replace was once launched.

By enqueueing the father or mother theme’s types and scripts, you bypass that factor. Now, your little one theme will have to be operating. All that’s left is to customise and turn on it.

Step 4: Customize Your Child Theme

Making adjustments to your little one theme works just about the similar as modifying another. For instance, you’ll customise your web site’s genre by way of tweaking its genre.css report. All you may have to do is upload any new CSS code you wish to have underneath the theme description you put up previous:

Editing a child theme's style.css file.

Keep in thoughts – any adjustments you are making will override conflicting types or purposes from the father or mother theme. That is going for genre.css, purposes.php, and another recordsdata you put up.

If that is your first rodeo when it comes to theme customization, we suggest you take a look at our complete information at the topic. We even have tutorials on CSS fundamentals, so take a have a look at it when you’re now not pleased with stylesheets but.

Step 5: Activate and Maintain Your Child Theme

If you cross to your dashboard and navigate to Appearance > Themes, you will have to see your little one theme indexed:

Child theme in the WordPress dashboard.

Activating your little one theme works similar to another. After you click on at the Activate button, cross forward and take a look at your homepage:

WordPress homepage with child theme applied.

In a nutshell, when you have been prior to now the usage of the father or mother theme, your web site will have to glance precisely the similar because it did ahead of. Until you get started making customizations, you received’t understand a distinction between the 2.

It’s vital to notice that when you’re the usage of a little one theme, you’ll’t delete its father or mother recordsdata. Otherwise, it received’t be ready to import the types or purposes it wishes to paintings correctly.

Likewise, you’ll need to test for any updates to be had for the father or mother theme as same old. Just since you’re the usage of a little one theme, doesn’t imply you’re exempt from safety highest practices.


If you’re going to upload new purposes to your WordPress theme, the most secure manner to accomplish that is thru a little one theme. That is going double when you’re operating on a consumer web site.

Fortunately, putting in place a little one theme is moderately easy. Here’s how the method works:

  1. Create a folder in your little one theme.
  2. Set up a types.css report.
  3. Import the father or mother theme’s types and scripts.
  4. Customize your little one theme.
  5. Activate and deal with your little one theme.

Do you may have any questions on how to use a WordPress little one theme? Let’s cross over them within the feedback segment underneath!

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